DND next high level

STEFAN writing this:

To give Carl the option to play as well, I am just now planning to make a few sessions before I go on paternity leave :p

Also it would be nice to see the higher level content in use so what Im thinking is to make a level 11 high combat mini campaign (hopefully max 2 sessions). For that I am going to make some premade characters for people to use. I think that the Cleric and Wizard at higher level are too complicated to get to grips with if you dont make it yourself, so if anyone would like to make a level 11 Wizard/Cleric to play themselves they are more than welcome to do so.

The setting: The City! A bustling metropolis of the human empire. 98% of the population humans, and only in the slum are disgusting demi humans found.


The premades I have planned are (all humans):

The Knight: A roaming knight, protecting the weak and innocent with his trusty steed and family suit of armor. (Sword and Board fighter protector)

The Guard: Veteran of the City watch, he has seen it all and heard it all. He knows the city and inhabitants better than anyone else. (Polearm fighter)

The Swashbuckler: Dainty Nobleman duellist without peers. Has rescued many a damsel in distress, and laid with even more. (charismatic rapier wielding rogue)

The Thief: The guardsman might know everyone in town, but the thief knows the interior and layout of every single house and street. (Dexy climbing thief, connections to the guild)

The Monk: The child prodigy of the monastic order of the 7 bells. Magical Kung fu wonder. (wind themed monk)

Let me know if you want to play this, or even more important if you dont want to (then I wont waste time preparing anything). Also if we are playing if you have a preference for a character or want to make your own.


14 Responses to “DND next high level”

  1. Yes! Let’s play this on the 4th, dibs on the grizzled old watch sergeant. An old-fashioned copper, modelled after Sam Grimes of the Ankh Morpork city watch. I really fancy playing a character for a bit. Can you post his character sheet so I can take a look/ edit if I feel the urge?

  2. Seing as we will be playing this the 4th can i ask who is coming and what they want to play … Especially if they want to make yhrir own char.

  3. Stefan,

    After missing many sessions recently I will do my best to be there on the 4th.

    I’d quite like to play a wizard but I don’t have the rules, (or probably time before Friday to make a characater) so put me down for the Thief.

  4. I can make you the wizard and send it. But you need to pick spells yourself.

  5. I should be there. And please can I have a bash at the knight? =D

  6. Yes we want to play I like the Monk and Chuck wants the swashbucklert

  7. Can’t make it tonight. Big Hairy Balls. Also looks like all the premades have been snaffled unless RB goes with the wiz. If so I’ll be the thief next week if not I’ll stay at home with my family and curse you all.

  8. Russell is the wizard. If you tell me what you want to play i can make you a char fir next week. None of the premades are strictly needed. And don’t want to force you in to yet another thief šŸ™‚

  9. SeanConley Says:


    I have to keep you posted about being able to make it tonight. Sam, my older son has had to be taken to hospital with severely swollen glands. Yes those glands. He is in a lot of pain and Fran is with him now. I have to wait to hear from them and go get them when they call. Chuck and I should be able to come if I hear back in time and it’s not too bad a prognosis for him. Fran has my phone. I can be reached on 0208 731 7925

  10. Stefan,

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the game on Friday. The game world worked for me and I thought all the PCs were really cool. I look forward to the next session.

  11. I’ll second that, a really enjoyable session, I’m looking forward to the next one.

  12. One session report to rule them all, One blog where to find them, One copy paste error to delete it all and in the darkness bind it!

    Spent an hour writing the damn thing yesterday. I will see if i can get some time to put something up in the week.

    I really enjoyed running that. Thanks for the nice replies. The character personalities were awesome and the role playing a joy to behold. Im up for more of this on Friday.

    Jules if you can make it I’ve got Scummy the thief ready for you or you can play Richards knight (as he is out for the rest of the game). If you want to play something else give me a poke before Wednesday and i will make it, no sweat.

    • I think Jules should play the knight. His characters are always so annoyingly reasonable. It will be a nice change for him to play a religious fanatic.

  13. Is the game on tomorrow?

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