18th of january

Snow permitting I am good to run the game tomorrow. I wil update tomorrow at 18.30 the latest about the situation as it is then.

Carl’s is the venue? Who can make it?




9 Responses to “18th of january”

  1. I probably can’t make it. I am at the hospital this Friday and they tell me I need a longer treatment than usual. Apparently I need two potions of super-healing plus a potion of strength rather than the usual unbranded healing potion.

    If I get home in time to leave at the usual time I’ll come along but otherwise I’ll have to give it a miss. There is probably only a 25% chance I can make it. I’ll let you know on tomorrow night.

  2. We can make it (snow permitting)

    Russell, Good luck, make sure to take your Braces of Fortitude with you. Hope you are well.

  3. I’m still out. Working I’m afraid. =(

  4. I’m in, it’s fine to run at my place.

  5. Shit! I forgot to put it on here that i wasn’t coming! 😦 Im really really sorry if anyone travelled in vain 😦

  6. I’m not around fri I’m afraid.

  7. Nooooooooooo! Im dnd starved! /cry
    How about Saturday? *desperate*

  8. Jules? Can we play at yours?

  9. As always we can play at mine, but the drive is so long for everyone 😦

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