Friday 1st of Febuary

 Julie and I have decided (and informed the baby) that it wont be born until I finish this roleplaying game.

So if that holds true, I am up for GMing this Friday.

Does anyone know what hospital Russell is in, and what their visiting hours are? We could in theory take our game to him to cheer him up…but the hospital might not appreciate us all barging in to their silent rooms like that.

So as an alternative, are you in a condition where you can host Carl? And can anyone else make it at all? I think Richard might be available again?


10 Responses to “Friday 1st of Febuary”

  1. I can host, looking forward to it!

  2. Got it right in one, I’m back now for 3 weeks and ready for some religious fervour!

  3. Cool. Jules and Sean?

  4. we are in

  5. Kathrynne is away this weekend so I have to stay put here but would be delighted to host if you can make it over to mine. Pleased to hear Junior is so accommodating.

  6. That is really up to Carl. No problems from my point of view

  7. Jules’ gaff it is. Now no last-minute childbirths, understand?

  8. Bring crisps. I have 2 x bottles of coke, but no crisps.

  9. Good thing I checked – otherwise I would have been driving to Carl’s house again.

    Really looking forward to it tonight guys.

    Carl I have a task for you when we arrive.

  10. If it involves pipe-cleaners and rubber gloves, I told you last time once was enough.

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