The Devil’s Riddle: Preparation

Based on the fine work at Solo Nexus and Tabletop Diversions I’ve decided to start a solo fantasy campaign. This is partly to test a number of tools and RPG systems mentioned on those sites, and partly because I’m curious to see where a randomly generated world and story engine takes me.

I’ll be using the following:

USR: The Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying System. Does what it says on the tin. I figure I’ll start simple and make the system more complex as and when I feel the need.
The Online Mythic GM Emulator: This will serve as the backbone of the campaign, answering my questions and throwing me curve-balls when I least expect it to keep the story interesting. Hopefully.
An NPC Personality Generator: There are tons out there, I like the look of this one.
The d30 DM Companion: Handy for environment generation and monsters should I get into some dungeon crawling later on
• D&D minis, dungeon tiles from Dungeon Command and Wrath of Ashardalon, and anything else I can find lying around

I decide I want to start with only two characters in my party. I may add more as I go, we’ll see. I’m working my way through the Wheel of Time books at the moment, so I’m going to cull some starting character ideas from there.

My two starting characters are Rufus and Lisandra.

Rufus and Lisandra have fled a great battle, barely surviving with their lives. Their allies have been utterly overrun by the massed forces of darkness and their world stands on the brink of disaster. In desperation Lisandra has blindly activated a portal stone, a magical gateway between realities. Rufus and Lisandra now find themselves alone in an unknown world with no way home, the guilt of their survival when so many have died weighing heavy upon them.


Action: d6
Wits: d8
Ego: d10
Hits: 6
Narrative Points: 1
Specialisms: Ego: Channeler (+2), Dominance (+2), Wit: Mystical Research (+2)
Equipment: Staff (+1)

Lisandra is a magical channeler, a member of a powerful magical order, able to tap in to the Source to cast offensive spells or to heal the wounded. She is focused, calm and a powerful personality.


Action: d10
Wits: d6
Ego: d8
Hits: 10
Narrative Points: 1
Specialisms: Action: Blade-master (+2), Shadow-walker (+2), Ego: Bonded Endurance (+2)
Equipment: Sword (+2), Light armour (-1), Shadow cloak (+2)

Rufus is Lisandra’s bodyguard, magically bonded to her and possessed of supernatural speed and endurance as a result. He is taciturn and calculating.

As all campaigns should start with a tavern scene, our two weary travellers approach a small village inn, desperate for a place to rest. The wooden sign swinging in the wind names the place The Devil’s Riddle (1).

“Inauspucious” Lisandra mutters beneath her breath as Rufus pushes the door open…


One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Preparation”

  1. Where I query the GM Emulator (or where it interjects with new story elements) I’ll post those details as comments. So for example I asked the Emulator what the Tavern was called.

    (1) Q: What is the tavern called? Mystery involving Hostility

    I interpret that as the Devil’s Riddle, which I like so much I’m going to use it as the name of this campaign.

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