The Devil’s Riddle: Session 4

The bartender seems delighted to be rescued from whatever fate the farmers had intended. A cursory examination indicates that he has has suffered prolonged abuse at the hands of his captors. Reaching out to the Source Lisandra is able to heal the man’s wounds, despite the curious mystical impediment this place generates.

“Thank you! Thank you!” the bartender gasps as they release him from his shackles. He slumps to the tiled floor and they kneel beside him. Even healed the man is weakened and exhausted by his ordeal.

“Who are you?” Rufus asks. “How did you come to be here?”

“My name is Jeden Birch, I’m the owner of the Devil’s Riddle in Tylon, I have been since my da left it to me. His da left it him, too; it’s been in our family for four generations. An’ when Greta and I have a son, it’ll pass on to him…”

A fleeting glance passes between Rufus and Lisandra, too swift for the innkeeper to notice. Keeping his face impassive Rufus continues. “And those men? Why were you held here in chains?”

Jeden shudders as he answers. “They took me days ago. Holden, Ralt, Caynen and the others… I’ve been here for ten days, maybe more, I’m not sure how long it’s been. They did… terrible things… some sort of dark rite, a summoning… they called up an unspeakable thing from the darkness, made of shadow or smoke… it whispered to me.. and it took my face! They made it look like me, sound like me!” Jeden is becoming more and more agitated. “Oh Gods, that thing is out there! It’s taken my life, my Greta!”

Rufus reaches out to calm the man, then notices Lisandra’s face. The normally unflappable channeler’s features are white and drawn, her eyes wide. “It cannot be!” she whispers.

“What is it?” Rufus asks urgently. “What do you know of this creature?”

The channeler lets out a hollow laugh. “And to think I hoped to find the Elysian in this place! I could not have been more wrong.” she runs a hand over her face, and lets out a long shuddering breath.

“My friend, there were things the Tower did not share with the wider world, in the early days of the Dark One’s rise to power. My sisters and I discovered too late that people everywhere were being replaced with simulacrums born of the shadow. It had been going on for years, perhaps decades, and the infiltration seemed to be at almost every level of society. The Sisters of the Tower decided, rightly or wrongly, that making the knowledge public would only lead to panic and paranoia. Instead we rooted these doppelgangers out as best we could alone, but the damage was already done. The widespread political infighting and civil war that preceded the invasion of the Dark One’s forces was a direct consequence of that shadow invasion, as the Dark One’s pawns turned us against ourselves.”

Rufus stares at Lisandra in disbelief. “And you never told us? Never told me? How could you keep knowledge like this a secret? What arrogance led the Tower to…”

Lisandra shakes her head in frustration. “You’re missing the point. Regardless of what the Tower did or did not do, regardless of our failures, you and I fled our world as it fell to the Dark One. We fled to a new world, an entirely new reality. But it was no use, we ran in vain. Don’t you see? We have escaped one world that fell to the Dark One’s taint, only to find another doomed to the same fate!”

3 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 4”

  1. Scene Altered: something unexpectedly positive
    Q: is he OK? NO
    Q: badly wounded? YES
    Healing: Mana pool reduced to 4
    Q: Is he the inn owner? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: Is Greta his wife? YES
    Captured days, weeks or months? R: #1: 1/3 (Days)
    How many days? R: #2: 11/12 (11)
    Q: Does he know why he was captured? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: was he part of a ritual? YES
    Q: Did the ritual involve a double? YES
    Q: Was the double human? NO
    Q: Was the double summoned? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Random Event: Something negative happens to Lisandra, involving the Development of Good
    Q: Is Lisandra in danger? NO
    Q: Is this place draining more Mana? NO
    Q: Has she heard of such a creature? YES
    Q: Is it linked to the doom of her own world? YES

  2. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!

  3. getting good…why aren’t we playing this? :p

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