The Devil’s Riddle: Session 7

“The Devil’s ninth question?” Lisandra raises one eyebrow a fraction. “I would have thought that obvious. It is “Are you of the Dark or the Light?”. It is the question he poses in asking the other eight, and in the responses the maiden gives, she provides him with his answer.”

Jeden looks a little put out at this reply, but nods. “Aye, you have the right of it. The riddle’s all about knowing one from the other. The monks that built the abbey even carved the riddle sigil above the entrance, I suppose as a reminder that we must all ask that question of ourselves on a daily basis, to be sure we still walk in the Light.”

“Aposite.” Lisandra murmurs. “If we are faced with a foe that can take our faces, the question becomes how do we ensure that others still walk in the Light?”

Rufus, leading the way through the vaulted catacombs, kneels suddenly. He studies the ground then peers off into the darkness ahead, to either side, then behind him. “Jeden, there are four exits from this chamber. Which is the one that leads back to your inn?”

Jeden points ahead. “It… it’s that way. But that’s not possible. I came to this place often as a boy, playing with friends. There are no other ways out from this place. Just a single tunnel that heads straight down to the Riddle in Tylon.”

Lisandra raises her staff. In the soft golden glow four dark doorways are revealed. “It seems things have changed since you were last here.”

“That’s not all” adds Rufus. “There are tracks in the dust leading to each entrance. Each has been well traveled, and recently.”

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 7”

  1. Q: is there more than one exit? YES
    Q: How many additional? R: #1: ¾
    Q: Does Jeden know the right one? YES
    Q: does it take us directly to the inn? YES
    Q: Does Jeden know where the others go? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Have the others been recently travelled? YES

  2. I read it at a more civilised time today 😉

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