The Devil’s Riddle: Session 8

Rufus studies the tracks further. “No route seems to be particularly favoured; all have seen use.” he murmurs quietly.

Jeden’s voice is loud and plaintive in the echoing catacombs.”I don’t understand! What…”

Rufus cuts him off with an urgent gesture. Rising to his feet he pads silently to one of the new entrances and pauses for a moment. Then he signals back to his companions “Footsteps approaching at speed from the west. Five or six people. Hide!”

As Lisandra and Jeden hide behind pillars Rufus dashes back to Jeden with his bow in hand. “Can you use one of these?”

Jeden gazes back at him, slack-jawed with panic. “Do I look like a huntsman? I’m an innkeeper, Light take you! I serve ales!”

“Then keep out of sight unless I tell you” snaps the bodyguard, moving into hiding himself. Lisandra covers her light with her cloak, and there is a tense pause as the sound of running footsteps grows ever closer.

Then several things happen at once.

Someone races into the catacombs at full speed as Lisandra’s light flares and Rufus steps into sight, bow drawn. “Hold! Who are you?” He cries, and the figure skids to a halt, momentarily blinded.

He recovers quickly however, sweeping off a large and rather unnecessary hat in a flamboyant bow to reveal long golden curls. He is a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, dressed in bright and well-cut garb.

“Greetings noble sir” he grins, only slightly out of breath. “I am Fyn Summergold, fortune-finder, adventure-seeker and master wordsmith, at your service.” He glances behind him at the darkness of the tunnel entrance. “Whilst it is delightful to make your acquaintance…”

Jeden steps out from behind a pillar. “I know that voice! Isn’t that young Fynbarr Smallwood, Ryman and Elsie’s lad? Blessed Light boy, what have you done to your hair? It was mud-brown when last I saw you!”

Fyn has just enough time to flush scarlet and begin to stammer some sort of explanation before five more figures come bursting out from the western tunnel behind him, weapons drawn.

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 8”

  1. Q: More tracks in one direction? NO
    Q: Sounds from tunnels? YES
    R: #1: 4/4
    Q: Footsteps? YES
    Q: Close? NO
    Q: Coming nearer? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: Lots? NO
    Q: More than one? YES
    R: #2: 6/6
    Q: Can Jeden use a bow? NO
    NPC: Random Event: A New Character is introduced, and is involved with Proceedings regarding Pleasures
    NPC: Capricious: madcap. Hair dyed gold. Motto: he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.
    Q: Being chased? YES
    Q: Same direction as footsteps? YES
    Q: Pursuers hostile? YES

  2. if it isn’t little fynbarr…everyone else just knows him as “the master”

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