The Devil’s Riddle: Session 10

Jeden sidles around a pillar, his face gaunt with terror. Despite his fear he takes one of Fyn’s proffered daggers and hurls it with all his might at the torch-carrying hood. Astonishingly the dagger strikes true, burying itself to the hilt in the woman’s shoulder.


“Sturn! What are you waiting for?” snarls the cloaked figure, and the great-sword wielder joins the attack upon Rufus. Even the blade-master cannot cope with so many foes, and he grunts as he catches a wicked cut to his midriff.

Fyn hurls a dagger at the torch-bearer, but she is wary now, and ducks just in time. Rufus uses the vacated space to launch a beautifully disguised blow that takes Sturn’s head clean off his shoulders. Another crossbow bolt sails wide of the mark as Rufus blocks the attacks of both remaining foes in a single elegant sweep.

“Curse you fools, must I do everything myself?” snarls the cloaked figure as he unleashes another bolt. Rufus, intent upon keeping Lisandra safe, takes it square on the chest. He is knocked from his feet and does not rise. Lisandra’s only reaction is tightening of her lips as she gestures at the torch wielder. Flame springs from the torch to the woman, and she collapses flailing to the ground, engulfed in fire.

Jeden’s second dagger strikes One-Eye, though it is not enough to put him down. Fyn’s blade goes wide. The two of them back away from the cloaked man, ducking behind pillars. Lisandra is not quite quick enough. A bolt of black lightning catches her, and with a scream she too falls.

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