The Devil’s Riddle: Session 12

Rufus blinks awake. Sunlight is streaming in through an open window. He turns and sees Lisandra seated next to his bed, her dark eyes betraying no emotion.

“It is good to see you awake at last.” she says. “You have been sleeping since yesterday night.”

She bears no sign of ill effect from the battle, and Rufus notes that he feels none either.

“Are we…”

She nods. “The Devil’s Riddle Inn. We have our rooms at last. Jeden has been most accommodating, and has done his best to persuade the local constable that we are not responsible for his wife’s death.” She gives the warrior a meaningful look. “However it should come as no surprise that, gratitude aside, he wants us gone as soon as politely possible. We represent everything he is trying to forget.”

The hint of a smile touches her lips. “Slightly more surprising has been the enterprising Mr Smallwood. Not only do we owe that young man both our lives, but it seems he has become rather attached to us. He has asked to join us in, and I quote, our “heroic endeavour”.

Rufus grunts and sits up, stretching. “This constable. Should we be concerned?”

“He has questions, understandably. And he is not naturally predisposed to believe the rather fanciful tale we have to offer. However with time I see no reason why…”

She is interrupted by the door bursting open to reveal a grinning Fyn. “Perfect, you’re awake! I have a little surprise for you two.” He steps to one side to reveal the last face either of them expect to see; the crossbowman from the catacombs!

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 12”

  1. Q: Do they get back to the inn OK? YES
    Q: Does Rufus blame the party for Greta’s death? NO
    Q: Is Fyn willing to join the party? YES
    Q: Is Rufus willing to join the party? NO
    Q: Are the party wanted for murder? YES
    Random Event: Something Positive happens to Crossbowman, involving the Recruitment of a Representative
    Q: Is the crossbowman recruited by an agent of the Dark? NO
    Q: Does he approach the party to be recruited? YES

  2. I’ve been a bit dissatisfied with the NPC generation tools I’ve been using so far, so I spent some more time hunting online for something a bit more substantial. This site has proven by far the best I’ve found so far. (if interested in using it be sure to read the Explanation page).

    With a bit of tweaking it gives me my crossbowman.


    Caleb Marsh
    Action: d10
    Wits: d6
    Ego: d8
    Hits: 8
    XP: Level 1
    Specialisms: Action: Dead shot (+2), Endurance (+2), Ego: Appraisal (+2)
    Equipment: Hand crossbow (+1), studded armour (-1), battle axe (+2)

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