The Devil’s Riddle: Session 9

Rufus recognizes the cloaked man and the one-eyed drinker from the inn. With them are a burly man holding a great-sword, a thin-faced woman holding a burning torch, and a crossbowman.


The cloaked figure raises a pale and slender hand. “Kill them all!” he rasps, and crackle of black lightning leaps from his fingers towards Fyn. The youth cries out in pain as the blast catches him in the back.

Lisandra moves within sight of the young man and reaches out to the Source. Golden energy briefly suffuses Fyn, and he feels the pain in his back lessen somewhat. Before he has a chance to move away the burly swordsman is upon him, swinging wildly. Fyn manages to duck under the clumsy blow, then draws his rapier. With a dashing grin and a cry of “Take that!” he lunges at his foe, missing by a country mile. The burly fellow grins back, gap-toothed and leering, and with a wry shrug Fyn turns and runs.

Suppressing a sigh Rufus unleashes an arrow at One-Eye, then moves to protect Lisandra.


A crossbow bolt whistles past Rufus’ ear, and then he is toe to to with One-Eye and the torch-bearer, keeping them at bay as best he can. Before he can press his attack another bolt of black lightning erupts from the darkness, wracking his body with indescribable pain. It is countered almost immediately by a warm healing glow, but glancing back he can see the strain showing on Lisandra’s face. She is weakening, and that could spell doom for them all.


One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 9”

  1. Q: Are they human? YES
    Q: Have we met them before? YES
    Q: Bookseller? NO
    Q: Greta? NO
    Q: Cloaked stranger? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: One-eyed Jack? YES
    Q: Cloaked stranger: caster? YES
    Q: Is he linked to the shadow invasion? YES
    Q: Does he reveal any secrets during the fight? NO

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