The Devil’s Riddle: Session 13

Rufus has rolled out of the bed, found a blade from who knows where and pressed it against the crossbowman’s throat before anyone in the room has time to blink.

“What are you doing here?” he growls.

“Just hear me out!” the short man whines. “I never wanted to end up with a crew like that! I was just in it for the coin, see? I’m a sword for hire, I go where the money takes me. But that cloaked guy was crazy, him and his guys, there was somethin’ wrong with them, y’know? Cut your throat soon as look you. Best favour anyone ever did me, you killin’ those guys. Well, apart apart from yer boy there lettin’ me cut out.”

Rufus doesn’t ease the dagger pressure for an instant. “You haven’t answered my question.”

The weasel-faced fellow raises his hands in surrender. “OK! OK! Listen, I know you got no reason to trust me, I wouldn’t trust me neither, y’know? I just thought, I know somethin’ about them guys, you seem to want to stop ’em, I figured we could come to some arrangement, see?”

Lisandra rises from her seat and approaches. “And what is it you know, mercenary? What can you tell us?”

The short man ducks his head. “The name’s Cayleb, mam, Cayleb Marsh. I don’t know nothin’ about their plans, they didn’t tell me nothin’ about what they were doin’, but I can guide you, show you their tunnels, see?”

Lisandra approaches until their faces are inches apart. “You are quite correct. We have no reason to trust you. However I prefer to keep those I distrust in plain sight rather than skulking in the shadows. You will lead us back into those tunnels, and if I find I have any reason to regret that decision Rufus here will open your throat for you. Is that clearly understood?”

The mercenary nods very carefully over Rufus’ blade. “Sure, sure, I understand you. So, uh, what’s in this for me? A man’s gotta eat, right?”

Rufus steps back and sheaths his dagger. “You’ll need to pay for your supper around here Cayleb. You deliver, you’ll get paid. Now head downstairs with Fyn. Lisandra and I need to talk.”

Glancing nervously from one to the other the stoop-shouldered man swiftly complies.

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 13”

  1. Q: Does Caleb know much about the plans? NO
    Q: Does he pretend to? NO
    Q: Does he know much about the tunnels? NO
    Q: Does he pretend to? YES

  2. I’d have to be nuts to trust Cayleb at this point. He remains firmly in the NPC camp. Fyn has earned his spurs though, and he gets promoted to PC status. I’ve been feeling for a while that Rufus and Lisandra, for all their earnest worthiness, are somewhat lacking in the humour and down to earth departments. Let’s face it, they’re a pair of stuffed shirts. I’m hoping Fyn will help add a bit of levity to proceedings.

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