The Devil’s Riddle: Session 14

“You’re right not to trust him” Rufus grunts once the door is closed. “Like as not he’ll lead us to our deaths if we give him half a chance.”

“Cayleb’s arrival does raise a pertinent point however” Lisandra replies. “Our foe seems to have greater numbers than we had anticipated. And that’s not all. Despite my best efforts I have been unable to yet shake off the inhibiting magical effects I experienced at the abbey, at least with regards to healing. Perhaps with further study… But now is not the time. If we are to return to those tunnels and get to the root of this mystery we will need assistance. We will need to hire some men to accompany us.”

The pair descend the stairs of the inn. “The Light alone knows where we’ll find fighting men in a place like this” mutters Rufus as he tightens the buckles on his armour and wraps his cloak about his shoulders.

“Fighting men you say?” cries Fyn. He gesticulates expansively at a tap room full near to bursting with the roughest bunch of thugs, cut-throats, sellswords and ne’er-do-wells Rufus has ever seen. “Over an ale or two and a recounting of our exploits last night I took the liberty of suggesting that we might be in the market for some backup in our little quest. And lo and behold, look who turned up this morning!”

Jeden, busily serving drinks with a haunted air, looks as if he can’t decide who he wants the ground to swallow up first; him, Fyn or the mercenaries.

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 14”

  1. Random Event: A Setback to the thread ‘Mystery of the abbey’ occurs, involving the Healing of Elements
    Lisandra’s Healing magic at -1
    Q: Can we hire sellswords at this inn? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: Is this Fyn’s doing? YES

  2. lol lovely. The “exceptional” randomiser seem to grant some of the twists that make you go Haha cool!

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