The Devil’s Riddle: Session 15

Rufus is about to begin interviewing applicants when Lisandra points at a hulking fellow towards the back of the room, armed with an immense black iron greataxe.

“That one. That one and one other.” To Rufus’ trained eye there is very nearly a smile upon her lips.

“Why him?” Rufus protests. “He’s big, certainly, but we don’t know if he can use that axe worth a damn…”

Lisandra’s only response is a raised eyebrow at the huge fellow. The brute shrugs, rises to his feet and stomps towards them, then says in a piping feminine voice “Ye’ve a keen eye miss, I’ll give ye that.” His whole body seems to shimmer and dissolve before Rufus’ astonished eyes, and when the blademaster looks again the brute is gone, replaced by a tiny old lady leaning on a cane almost as gnarled as the hand that holds it. She can’t be more than four feet tall.

“Pleasure to meet ye both. Name’s Idril. I specialise in…” for just an instant Rufus finds himself staring at his mirror image “…perception.”

Lisandra moves to the door. “Please join me Idril. I have a feeling your company may prove beneficial. Enjoy your morning Rufus.”

It takes Rufus several thoroughly un-enjoyable hours to interview all the suitable candidates. Finally he decides on an a tall strapping fellow who shows formidable skills with a warhammer and doesn’t seem quite as amoral or witless as some present.

As he and Jeden finally manage to dislodge the last of the cut-throats from the inn Lisandra and Idren return. “We need have no further concern regarding Constable Hawthorne” she says. “He was most apologetic, wasn’t he Idril?”

Rufus rolls his eyes. “I don’t think I want to know. Lisandra this is Tomas, he’ll be the sixth in our group.”

Lisandra looks around the room and assesses their party. Besides herself and Rufus Idril the illusionist has already proven her skill, and Fyn has also shown great resourcefulness and character for one so young. That leaves the nervous, stoop-shouldered Cayleb and the heavy-set hammer-wielding Tomas. Unknown quantities both.

She bows her head. “Welcome all, your assistance is gratefully accepted, and shall be well rewarded. Now, I suggest we prepare, we shall be leaving soon.”

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 15”

  1. Q: Is the constable convinced to drop things? EXCEPTIONAL YES

  2. The D30 DM Companion, combined with the RealNPC Generator, gave me my two new party members.

    Idril Svithrele
    Gnome Illusionist
    Dagger, walking stick, darts, parchment

    Tomas Orbyn
    Warhammer, shield, chainmail

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