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The Devil’s Riddle: Session 17

Posted in The Devil's Riddle on March 3, 2013 by Carl

“We go north” Lisandra says after only the briefest of pauses.

Fyn takes the lead, with Tomas and Rufus behind. Lisandra ushers a hesitant Cayleb forward, then follows him with Idril by her side.

As they enter the northern doorway Rufus nods to himself. “Unsurprising that Jeden never knew of these other entrances. They were built to be concealed. Had they not been left open I doubt we would have noticed them.”

The passage slopes gently downward for a hundred feet or so, the tunnel crudely carved into solid rock. Lisandra’s staff is the only source of light.

Fyn, who has been silently scouting ahead, returns to the group. “The tunnel opens up into a room up ahead I think.” he whispers. “I saw no light, but I’m sure I heard movement.”

“We move quickly and decisively, and take whatever is within by surprise.” Lisandra orders. “Rufus and Tomas first, the rest supporting. Ready?”

The party set off at a run, but things quickly go badly wrong. As Tomas charges into the room he sets off some sort of magical trap, and takes the blast full force. He staggers into the room in agony, but amazingly manages to spot three footpads lurking behind crates and barrels in the semi-darkness of the room. He turns to prepare for their attack, only for a fourth man to leap from hiding and plunge a dagger into his exposed back.