The Devil’s Riddle: Session 19

The cut-throat raises his hands in supplication. “All right, all right, I give. Jus’ don’t hurt me an’ I’ll tell you everythin’ I know, right? You jus’ gotta let me go. If they find out we failed…””

Rufus steps forward and presses his blade to the man’s neck. “Depends how well you do. The man who hired you, tell me about him.”

“The Hooded One? Yeah, he hired me an’ the boys a way back. Cold bastard that one. One of the Dark Jesters so they say, an’ I’m inclined to believe ‘em.”

Lisandra steps forward. “The Dark Jesters?”

“You never heard o’ the Jesters? This place attracts ‘em like flies to shit, so I’ve heard. They say the Jesters are made of smoke, that they can take over the body of a man, wear him like he was nothin’ more than clothes. The body withers up an’ rots over time, until by the end there’s just a death’s head grin. Some joke, eh? I don’t know if it’s true, but the Hooded One, he’s half-way dead from what I could see.”

“All the way dead now, actually” Fyn chips in.

Lisandra shoots the young man a flat stare and turns back to their captive. “What was he doing here? What were his plans?”

“All I know was that he’d been looking for a man sellin’ books, wanted him an’ his books real bad. Somethin’ about a bringin’ about a return to Ancient Glories, or some such mad shit. You know how these power crazed-loons love to rant. He got that bookseller too, an’ set me an’ the boys up here to make sure no-one got past to find ‘im. Light, but that was the most borin’ job I’ve ever done. Three days we were left here, with nothin to do but play cards an’ piss in the pool. Even with what they were payin’ I was sore tempted to cut and run. Was a blessed relief when you set off the alarm up in the tunnel an’ we could finally get to the action.” He glances down at the bloody corpses of his companions. “Well, sort of.”

He has little more of use to impart, and before long the protesting fellow is being trussed up, gagged and shoved in a barrel. “Pray that we return safely” Lisandra advises him.

3 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 19”

  1. Q: Is the footpad cooperative? YES
    Q: Do he and Cayleb know each other? NO
    Q: Does he know much about who hired him? YES
    Q: What does he know? The Answer involves Primitive Splendor, and might also involve the Bookseller.
    Q: Does he know who the hooded man was? YES
    Q: Who was he? The Answer involves Disturbing Hilarity, and could affect the thread ‘The Mystery of the Abbey’
    Q: Does he know about the High Cantor? NO
    Q: Does he know where the captives are held? NO

  2. Hey, Carl! I’m sending readers your way via Solo Nexus, finally!

    Can you maybe give us a post about the way you’re actually playing, as in materials, amount of time per session, and anything else that helps you get the job done or makes solo-ing more fun?

    Thanks! (BTW, Microlite seems to be working well for you, yes?)

  3. Hi, much obliged. I’ve never seen the site traffic so high!

    A “how to” post is a good idea. I’ve touched on some of the tools I’m using in past posts, but I’ve done nothing regarding the actual mechanics of creating a session. I’ll aim to do that soon.

    As for Microlite, yes, it’s perfect for this sort of thing. I eventually found USR too basic, and found I was spending too much time creating houserules. Microlite has everything I want at this point; sufficient simplicity to keep combat fast and easy, but enough crunch to give me distinct characters and interesting actions. That desire for crunch may grow over time, perhaps as I look for greater variety in combat at higher levels, which may eventually lead me to D&D Next, but right now Microlite is providing everything I need to hang this story off of.

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