The Devil’s Riddle: Session 18

“You’ll not take me so easily!” the big man cries, swatting aside dagger strikes as he feels the touch of Lisandra’s healing magic.


Rufus dashes into the room, forcing the attention of two of the footpads away from Tomas. In almost the same instant Fyn emerges from the shadows to strike at the man who stabbed Tomas, catching him equally unawares. The man doubles over in pain only for Tomas’ warhammer to slam into his back near knocking him to the ground as a crossbow bolt whistles through the space where his head had been just a moment before,

Meanwhile Rufus is hard pressed. The knife-wielders are proving remarkably skilled, and working as a team they open one cut after another. In this confined space Rufus cannot bring his sword to bear.

Fyn is having no such trouble. Seeing his opportunity he calmly finishes off the dazed and wounded knife man which allows Tomas an opening to his left. Cayleb continues to prove ineffectual with his crossbow; is it nerves or is the man deliberately missing?

Now Rufus steps back, shifts into Willow stance, and waits for his attacker to strike. The knife man comes on eagerly, mistaking the blademaster’s change in tactics for fear, only to stagger back as the sword flashes out, opening a red line across his stomach. Fyn darts in again with another telling blow as yet another crossbow bolt goes wide. Lisandra eyes Cayleb with some suspicion as her companions battle desperately.

Tomas lands a crushing blow that smashes his opponent back over a barrel and into the wall. Cayleb misses again as Rufus receives a nasty gash across his thigh. Even as Rufus pivots and opens the man’s throat he feels Lisandra’s healing magic at work.

“You cannot win” Lisandra calls to the last of the footpads. “Throw down your blade and you will be spared, you have my word.”


The man hunts frantically for a means of escape, but there is none. His dagger clatters to the stone floor.

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 18”

  1. The foes were a bit tougher than I had anticipated, and Lisandra was required to do a lot of healing. That was partly down to luck on the dice rolls, and largely down to shocking tactics on my part. I completely forgot about Idril for the whole battle, and charging headlong into a room full of rogues was about the dumbest thing I could do. I could have played the encounter a lot smarter.

    I’ll need to up my game if I’m to survive long in this dungeon 🙂

    One thing that did go well was the tools; Roll20 made the combat a breeze with initiative tracking and macro-assisted dice rolling. Setting up the encounter with the GMEmulator and the d30 tools was quick, easy and gave good results. And Microlite20 was a breeze to use. First impressions of my new arsenal of tools are very positive.

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