Microlite20, Stefan Style

My good friend Stefan, not content with braving the trials and tribulations of new fatherhood, has very kindly been following my solo campaign. After taking a look at the Microlite20 rules he had the following feedback;

I like it! Its like the D&D Next we played at the cottage without them ruining it with updates :p

It has a few shortcomings, so I downloaded a PDF that has 1000 pages of people’s houserules and mods. I had a look through and decided to make my own edition. The things I’ve changed have been because I thought the system was rather boring while levelling up (you add +1 to hit and skills, and the DC and monsters AC goes up by 1 so nothing really happens). So I’ve taken a page from D&D Next and made bounded accuracy and stat bonus to classes (just reduced race bonus), and from 3.5 made skill points so you can choose where your skills go.

I also added the Expert rules and a few weapons and armour rules in to one document. I also added Charisma and took away Communications, as I think it makes for more interesting combinations: Cha-Subt for bluff, Cha-Phys for intimidate and so on. If you have time take a look at it and tell me what you think please.

The changes look really good at first glance, so I’ll be using these new rules for my solo game for testing purposes from now on. Stefan’s right, they do look a bit more interesting. They also add the Barbarian class, so I’m going to retcon Tomas (he didn’t really suit being a Paladin).

You can read Stefan’s Microlite rules here: Microlite20 Stefan Edition

One Response to “Microlite20, Stefan Style”

  1. I’ve found quite a few minor errors and imbalances…will send you an updated version over the weekend

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