Games Night: Friday 15th March

I am in the mood for some old school, back to basics “smack the bad guy over the head with a dirty great big mace” dungeon crawling. To that end I propose we pick up the Caves of Chaos where we left off (Jo, if you can make it there is ZERO backstory, it’s just find monster, kill, take it’s stuff.

I also propose that we trial Microlite for this session; it’s incredibly simple and quick, with no setup or conversion time required. As Stefan has mentioned, it’s a lot like the really basic D&D Next rules we used in the very first session at SRaOCon.

On the subject of Stefan, he is banned from this session due to him getting the new Sentinels expansion before me. Unless he wants to come along of course, in which case he isn’t.

Who’s in?





6 Responses to “Games Night: Friday 15th March”

  1. *smirk* out/banned

  2. Did I tell you that this lunchtime Miss Information got clubbered by omnitron x, chrono ranger and expatriate :p its good to have geeky colleagues!

  3. I’m in!

  4. By the way… Its Charlie’s 16th birthday tomorrow

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