The Devil’s Riddle: Session 21

As the wind blasts through the doorway Fyn springs back, hurling a dagger as he does so.  “Keep away from it!” he cries. “The wind around that thing will take you off your feet!”

“I’ll take my chances” Tomas growls as he strides forward, greataxe raised. Though the wind howls around him the big man stands firm, bringing his axe down with a force the near slices the walking cyclone in two. Standing in the doorway he is able to block the entrance, preventing his foe from advancing.

“The creature has no true mind for me to influence” mutters Idril, backing away.

“Save your spells old woman” Rufus grunts as he unslings his bow and lets fly. “We have this.” The creature seems to collapse inward upon the arrow wound, swirling into an ever-smaller vortex until it vanishes altogether with a faint pop.

Fyn searches the room beyond but finds nothing of any interest. If there ever was anything here the wind creature has long since wiped the place clean. At Rufus’ signal he moves to the the door to his right and after listening carefully he opens it and peers into the room beyond. It is deserted save for a low well at the center of the room.

Stone stairs lead upwards into the darkness to Fyn’s left, and after taking a moment to listen for for possible dangers the rogue creeps up them.

As he reaches the top he hears something and freezes; what was that? In the darkness ahead, somewhere below him he thinks he hears a muffled sob. He gestures for the others to follow and as the area is illuminated by Lisandra’s staff he spots the source of the sound.

He stands on a raised platform in one corner of a square room. Some twenty feet below, shackled in heavy iron manacles, sit the bedraggled captives from the inn. They are peering up, trying to shield their eyes from the sudden light. They seem to be sitting on a scattered heap of bones and rotting corpses.

Fyn turns back to his companions in delight. “I’ve found them! They’re alive!” he calls as he takes a step forward.

“Fyn! Wait!” cries Rufus, but it is too late. Fyn seems to blink out of existence. Then, a fraction of a moment later he reappears up near the ceiling beyond the platform. With a despairing wail he plummets a full thirty feet to the bone-strewn ground below. He lands with a sickening crack, and does not move again.

But worse is to come. The bones around the rogue begin to rattle, stir and knit together. Six skeletal warriors rise from amongs the chained and panicked captives, each bearing a wicked rusted blade!

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 21”

  1. After a tough fight last time I went a bit easier with my air elemental. Too easy as it turns out. I’ll need to beef up my solo opponents in future; Tomas did him 16 hp damage in a single blow!

    Air Elemental (medium): HD 4d8+8 (26 hp), AC 18, Slam +8 (1d6+1).
    Aura (5 ft): Fort save DC 15 or prone

    I found him on the Microlite Wiki (, and added the aura to make him a bit more thematic and more of a threat . Fat lot of good it did him!

    Q: anything to find? (room 9) EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: north door? NO
    Q: Occupied? (room 10) NO
    Q: Occupied? (room 8) YES
    Q: Hostile? NO
    Q: Is it the captives? YES
    Q: Is the bookseller there? YES
    Q: Is the area trapped? EXCEPTIONAL YES

    I rule that the Exceptional Yes results in two rolls on the trap chart.

    Trap 1: Floor trap, -10% to spot/ avoid (DC 17): Dimensional Drop 30 ft: 3d10 damage
    Trap 2: Summon, +20% to spot/ avoid (DC 12): Summon: Skeletons (6)

    Poor old Fyn is on -3 HP, with skeletons intent upon finishing him and the captives off..

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