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The Devil’s Riddle: Session 22

Posted in The Devil's Riddle on March 18, 2013 by Carl

Idril is the first to react. With surprising speed for one so old she scuttles forward and with a twist of her hand sends a vivid cone of swirling colours into the pit. Of the two skeletons caught in the colour spray one seems entirely unaffected. The other seems to be fascinated however, dropping its sword and raising skeletal limbs to try and touch the dancing patterns of light. Then its bones begin to fall one by one as it collapses in on itself.

Rufus shoots at the other skeleton but the arrow clatters harmlessly through its ribcage. The undead creature turns empty eye sockets upward, then resumes its advance on the hapless Fyn. Cayleb’s crossbow bolt shatters a bony jaw but does nothing to stop the creature.

Lisandra steps to the edge of the ledge, fury in her eyes. “Foul darkspawn! Flee before the Light!” She points her staff and a blinding flash of pure white light strikes one of the skeletons. It turns and tries to flee, finger-bones scrabbling in futile panic at the smooth stone walls.

Still the remaining skeletons continue their inexorable advance. With a bellow of rage Tomas takes a flying leap from the platform to land with a sharp grunt of pain twenty feet below amidst his foes. Swinging wildly the big man decapitates one enemy, but the others keep coming.

To his horror he realises his desperate gambit has failed; the skeletons do not focus upon him, but simply move to attack their nearest living foe. One cuts down a screaming captive as the next swings at the prone form of Fyn. Heedless of his own safety Tomas lunges wildly to intercept the sword blow with his axe, saving the unconscious rogue from near-certain death.

His brave act leaves him wide open to the attack of another skeletal foe; the blade cuts a wickedly deep gash across the big man’s back. Only sheer force of will keeps him on his feet.

Idril unleashes another cone of scintillating colour, but the skeletons seem resistant to her mind magics.

Rufus, dropping to one knee to take more careful aim, fires again and this time his arrow hits his target squarely; a skull shatters and the undead creature topples over. Cayleb is less accurate, narrowly missing one of the captives.

Lisandra, her righteous fury growing,  unleashes another searing blast of light. This time the skeleton she hits is reduced to fine black ash.

Tomas spins and severs the final skeleton’s spine; the creature collapses in a heap of bones. He makes short work of the light-panicked skeleton, then turns to check upon his fallen companion, his own agony ignored.

“He is still alive!” he calls up. “But he’s badly hurt, Lisandra. He needs your magics quickly.”