Games night, Friday 22nd March

I”m good to host again this week. Based on the feedback on Microlite we won’t be playing that.

Does anyone else have a game they’d like to run?

I have plenty of board games we can play instead if not.

Oh, and who can make it?

3 Responses to “Games night, Friday 22nd March”

  1. Hello?

    Echo oh-oh-oh

  2. I can make it, although between 8.30 and 8.45. Don’t have a preference for games only would like to avoid playing Cosmic Stitch-Up or any other game where the rules are revealed to noobs on a retrospective basis….

  3. Boo, that’s the best way to reveal rules to noobs.

    I’m pretty keen to give the new Sentinels expansion a bash. Depending on numbers Betrayal at House on the Hill is always good. And Sean mentioned last time he might be up for running an RPG soon. Open to suggestions.

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