The Devil’s Riddle: Session 23

Unfurling a length of rope from his backpack Rufus helps Lisandra down to tend to the wounded Fyn. The rogue glows briefly with the light of her healing magic and his eyes flutter open. “By the Light” he groans. “that hurt!”

Lisandra stands with some difficulty; even from above Rufus can tell she is utterly drained. Casting magic is draining, and she has been called upon many times today.

The Channeler peers into the face of each of the captives in turn and her shoulders slump when she looks at the dead man. “The bookseller” she says quietly. “He’ll be sharing no secrets with us I fear.”

One by one they scramble up the rope and out of the holding pit. The first captive to reach the platform is wild-eyed with fear. “Oh Light, we’ve got to get out of here!” he whimpers. Cayleb glances about nervously. “Why, were you left here as bait for us? Is this a trap, is that what yer tellin’ me? We risked our necks for your scrawny hides just to get nabbed doin’ it?” He fingers his crossbow trigger, face dark with fear and anger.

The rescued villager shakes his head vigorously. “I don’ know nothin’ about no bait. But those things, those grinning, unholy things, they want us, see? They said they was goin’ to leave us in that hole, let our fear build up an’ up, an’ then when we was proper terrified,  they’d be back… back to harvest us! Oh Blessed Light, I tell you true, I ain’t never been more scared in all my days! We’ve got to get out of here before they get back!”

Rufus helps Lisandra up onto the platform. “I’ve got to say, I agree” the Blademaster grunts. Fyn is in no fit shape to fight, Lisandra is at the end of her strength and Tomas can barely stand. We get out of here. Now.”

He leads the way, keeping a careful eye out for signs of pursuit. Somewhat to his surprise, there are none. They reach the catacombs without incident, and then from there the smugglers tunnels back to the Devil’s Riddle. As he pushes open the hidden door in the back of the fake wine vat he mutters “I don’t like this. It’s too easy, almost as if…”

The group creep into the darkened wine cellar. By Rufus’ reckoning it is perhaps ten o’clock; the inn above them should be packed and rowdy at this time of night. Instead there is nothing but utter silence.

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 23”

  1. Scene altered: Something is unexpectedly Negative
    Q: Is the bookseller dead? YES
    Heal: 6 hp (Fyn)
    Q: Do the captives have information? YES
    Random Event: Progress is made to the thread ‘Dark Jesters’, involving the Cruelty of Danger
    Q: were the captives bait? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Were they sacrifices? YES
    Q: Are the Jesters likely to be back soon? YES
    Q: Are we spotted escaping? NO
    Q: Do they get back to the inn without incident? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: danger at the inn? NO
    Q: Is the inn deserted? EXCEPTIONAL YES

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