Session Report: The Mines of Madness

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you intend to play the Mines of Madness module from WotC.

It’s been a while since we played any D&D Next, so the new Mines of Madness module with its pregens looked like the ideal way to check out the latest playtest packet. Something short, lethal and humorous? Ideal.

With only Jules, Charlie and a very jet-lagged Sean present each player takes two characters each.

  • Sean: K’Lorien the Shrouded (Elf wizard)

  • Sean: Sindarin Wolfeye (elf ranger)

  • Charlie: Brother Geoffrey of the Holy Inquisition (human cleric)

  • Charlie: Igor the Stump (halfling rogue)

  • Jules: Fang the Fabulous (dwarf fighter)

  • Jules: Grubaker (dwarf paladin)

The party have sought out the Mines of Madness to retrieve the Forever Stone, which amongst other things is said to grant eternal life.

Standing at the entrance the cleric decides to investigate a nearby outhouse, ignoring the words “Keep Out” carved into the door. This proves to be a mistake; the outhouse and the cleric are swallowed by an immense purple worm that bursts from the ground and then retreats back down its hole. One down, and we haven’t even entered the mine yet.

Over the hill comes Moonpie Mini, a halfling ranger and additional party member.

Now the party enter the mine, and immediately set off a trap that nearly flattens the two dwarfs. Eventually the party dig their way through and press on, finding a nest containing cockatrice eggs, a lot of corkscrewing passageways and then taking on a horde of dwarf miner skeletons.

The party now face three doors. The first opens onto a long corridor. The middle one onto an empty alcove, and the last onto a passageway with mineshafts.

Stepping into the alcove to examine it  Sindarin promptly vanishes. Giving the ranger up for dead the rest of the party head down the  first long passageway, only to find that the doors remain the same distance away no matter how far you travel. They are stuck in an endless corridor, with only the corpses of two previous victims for company.

Meanwhile Sindarin is not dead at all but teleported to the bottom of a mine shaft with two rust monsters for company. He flees and heads up the mine shaft on a rickety platform.

After several failed attempts Igor the Stump hits on the brilliant idea of walking backwards to escape the endless corridor trap, and the party are free. They try the third door instead, and narrowly avoiding falling down the mineshafts they find themselves in more curving passageways, heading upwards.

Up they go, then back down again at double speed as an Indiana Jones-style murderball comes rolling down after them. Splat! Splat! Splat! Three more adventurers dead.

Moonpie is now alone at the bottom of the murderball tunnel, with Fang finding  Sindarin up at the top. so Moonpie heads through the teleporter, kills one rust monster and charms the other and then meets up with the rest of the party at the bottom of the mine shaft. Can the three remaining adventurers survive long enough to retrieve the fabled Forever Stone?

Let’s face it, probably not.

3 Responses to “Session Report: The Mines of Madness”

  1. Comments welcome guys. What did you make of the module and the way your characters played in this latest version of the playtest?

  2. four deaths! Got to be some sort of record! :p

  3. i ran this with three complete strangers to DnD, and whether by dumb luck or extreme attention to detail they managed to make it to Abracadamus without casualties. Unfortunatley, they then refused to make a final sacrifice and were transported into the path of the purple worm.

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