The Devil’s Riddle: Session 24

“Stay here” whispers Rufus to the rest of the party, and creeps up the stairs to the tap room. It is completely deserted. Despite the late hour the room is lit by a flickering orange glow. The blademaster moves silently to a window and peers out at the village of Tylon; several buildings are furiously ablaze, sheets of sparks spiralling up into the night sky.

But what alarms Rufus the most is the total absence of villagers. No-one is trying to fight the fires or flee the flames. He doesn’t even see bodies, as he would expect had the village been attacked. Just like the inn, the entire village seems to be deserted.

“One problem at a time” he grunts to himself as he returns to the others and recounts his findings. “Whatever has befallen Tylon, we have more pressing matters to attend to. Like getting Tomas to a bed before he bleeds out.”

Rufus, Cayleb and Idril take turns at watch while the others fall into deep and deserved sleep.

Dawn is just breaking when their rest is shattered by blood curdling shrieks of agony. Still in his nightshirt Rufus leads the charge down the hall and flings a door open, sword at the ready. The sight that greets him causes even the hardened warrior to turn white with horror.

The two rescued captives hang suspended in the air above their beds, thrashing in indescribable pain as the skin is slowly peeled from their bodies. Blood spatters the room, spraying from the men in all directions as their shrieks climb in pitch and intensity. But there is no-one in the room with them.

Then abruptly the two men flip upright, still hanging in the air, glistening masses of bloody muscle and raw exposed flesh. Their cries cease, and their eyes meet the Bladesingers. In voices ripped from the pits of hell the two speak in unison; “The Harvest is complete. Hail to the Fury! Hail to the Glory that Was and Will Be!”

Then, like puppets with strings cut, the two fall lifeless to their beds.

3 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 24”

  1. Q: Is the inn occupied? NO
    Q: Any signs of activity in the village? YES
    Q: A gathering? NO
    Q: Fire? YES
    Q: More than one building? YES
    Q: Is the inn on fire? NO
    Q: Anyone visible? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Rest interrupted? YES
    R: #1: 7/8
    Q: By hostiles? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: villagers? NO
    Q: Jesters? NO
    Q: What sort? The Answer involves An Incredible Display of Violence.
    Q: In the village? NO
    Q: Victim: the rescued captives? YES
    Q: Visible assailants? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Communication? YES
    Random Event: An Action is taken by Captives, involving
    a Celebration of Anger
    Q: Do they fight? NO

  2. Holy crap, that was some dark shit! This campaign’s gone all Hellraiser on me!

  3. Damn! If this wasn’t you who had written this I would have stolen it in a heartbeat and used it in one of our games! Good stuff!

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