Session Report: Mines of Madness part 2

The rather depleted party go exploring in the lower levels of the mine. It turns out to be quite an eventful outing.

  • The cleric, last seen disappearing down the purple worm’s gullet, appears (in what he claims is a flash of divine intervention) at the top of the mineshaft, and lands with a hard bump at the bottom.
  • The party ignore the cries of a phantom miner stuck down a mine shaft
  • The elf opens a door with the message “one good turn deserves another” and the dwarf is turned into 98 electrum pieces. It might be 100, but 98 is all they find.
  • The party discover a hammer in a recess with the notice “In case of beserk golem break glass”. They do not break the glass.
  • The elf, sure he has worked things out, tosses the electrum pieces that used to be the dwarf through a hole in the magic door, which from this side has the message “See through me, See through you”. The electrum coins are turned into translucent green goo.
  • They head up some stairs and find the other end of the endless passage from last session. They refuse to enter.
  • They head back downstairs, find a statue that they are pretty sure is really a gargoyle playing possum, and tie it up. Nothing happens. They stick pants on its head and shoot arrows at it. Nothing happens. They say “I know you’re alive”, and still nothing happens. Bored, they open a nearby door and the cleric gets impaled by a spear.
  • They find a circular chamber with a dead adventurer in it and an illusionary gem at the center. Convinced this is a trap of some sort they circumvent the gem, head up some stairs and find themselves in a chamber with a dwarf statue, it’s hand outstretched. Upon shaking the statue’s hand the halfling is told “Be sure to have the pick or hammer if you face the golem”, the elf is told “beware the green dragon”, and the cleric is set upon by stirges.
  • The party find a secret door which turns out to be a mimic. Pseudopod-related hijinks ensue.
  • The party find a chamber full of giant chickens busily pecking at an overturned mine cart. The heroes recognize their foes as cockatrices, and Moonpie the halfling confirms it by getting turned to stone.
  • The remaining two party members rescue HugHug the goblin from beneath the wagon. HugHug is big-eyed, innocent, full of hugs, and never ever mentions jizz or AIDS. Charlie gets to play him.

Only two characters killed this week, I’m obviously slipping. However the party have explored every area they can find in the mines, and are stumped as to what to do next. So that’s good.

Tune in next week for more aimless frustrated wandering, hopefully followed by senseless slaughter.

One Response to “Session Report: Mines of Madness part 2”

  1. why oh why am I missing this! /cry

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