The Devil’s Riddle: Session 25

Rufus is about to turn away when a glint of metal catches his eye. He reaches out and tugs free a gore-smeared chain from the neck of one of the corpses. The golden pendant dangling at the end of the chain is instantly recognizable; a grinning devil’s head encircled within a question mark.

“I’ve seen a few of these about in the village” Fyn notes, keeping his eyes firmly away from the scene of butchery inside the room. “Just good luck charms I figured, a ward against the Dark.”

Lisandra leans heavily against the wall. “I fear you could not be further from the truth” she says unsteadily. “This token is of the Dark, a means of singling out those touched by it, of reaching them across great distance. These things were what allowed the Harvesting ritual to be carried out in absentia, and I begin to understand something of that ritual’s purpose…” She tails off, her brow knitting in concentration.

When she does not continue for several moments Idril is the first to lose patience. “Well? Come on, out with it lass! What reason could there be fer such unholy acts?”

“Do you not feel it?” Lisandra asks. “Do you not sense the change in this place?”

The others look to one another. “It feels… colder” Tomas ventures. “I feel ill at ease, but surely that is just the result of what I have seen, no?”

“In part” Lisandra answers, “but far more than that. The ritual has defiled this place irrevocably, it has become desecrated ground, just as the monastery was. As there, the Source is distant to me now in this place, and the power of the Dark is greatly strengthened. This place is now closer to the Dark.

“And I think I begin to understand at last something of the nature of our enemy, and of the true scale conflict we face. Rufus, we came here from our own world, one that exists in parallel to this one, did we not? The portal stone that we used, powered by the Source, was capable of taking us to any one of countless parallel worlds. Imagine those worlds layered side by side in an endless series. Above them all one Source, and below them, one Darkness. Just as the portal stone allowed us to transverse the Source to reach another reality, so too can the Dark be used to travel between worlds. The Dark and the Source touch every reality. That explains the presence of the High Cantor; but it suggests something far greater.”

The others stare back at her, expressions varying from blank incomprehension to growing horror.

Lisandra fixes them with an unblinking gaze. “This war is not just for the world I left behind, or for this one. It is a war across the whole of existence, a battle for every reality there is!”


One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 25”

  1. Random Event: Something of Ambiguous significance occurs, involving a Development of Misfortune
    Q: Describe: The Answer involves A Small, Notable Example of Fortune.
    Q: Does anyone recognize it? YES
    R: #2: 3/6 (Fyn)
    Q: Does he understand significance? NO
    Q: Does anyone understand significance? YES
    R: #3: 1/6 (Lisandra)
    Q: Do any other party members have a pendant? NO
    Q: Is the inn desecrated? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Random Event: ‘The High Cantor’ is Resolved as a result of the Domination of Intrigues

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