The Devil’s Riddle: Session 26

Cayleb begins to back away down the corridor, his face white with terror. “This… this isn’t happenin’!” he stammers.  “It ain’t! It’s… you’re all nuts, yeah, yer tryin’ ta spook me, well it’s not gonna work’ see? Cayleb Marsh is nobody’s fool! I was just in this for the coin, but this is crazy stuff yer mixed up in, an’ I want no part of it! I’m gone!”

Lisandra steps towards him, hands raised. “Don’t you see, Cayleb? There is no-where else to go. This is everywhere. Darkness is coming, and there is no-where you can run. We fight, together, or we fall.”

Cayleb looks trapped, too scared to stay, too scared flee. “Fight?” he whines, “Are you mad? How can we fight?”

Tomas has a look of barely suppressed fury on his face. His whole body trembles with rage. “How can we not? Whatever tortured and murdered those men, I will see it pay!”

Rufus, who has been deep in thought, looks up. “We can fight, and we will. It is as it is written in the Book of Seven Swords; “You must know the battlefield before you go to war”. Well, at least we now know the battlefield.”

“And perhaps that knowledge grants us a new way to fight” Lisandra muses. “We have already seen that our foe uses desecrated ground to summon more agents of the Dark to his side. Each corrupted place, such as this inn or the monastery, serves as a potential staging point to further reinforce the enemy.

“But what if we were able to disrupt his supply lines? If I could channel enough of the Source into this place perhaps I could reverse the effect, consecrate this ground and deprive our foe of a valuable resource.”

Rufus places a hand on the channeler’s shoulder and there is concern in his voice. “Can you do this? Surely such a feat is beyond even your abilities.”

Lisandra returns his gaze. “I believe so. It will not be easy, but I must try. Help me to prepare, my friend.”

Lisandra spends the next hour seated cross-legged in silent contemplation. Then, almost imperceptibly at first, she begins to glow. Shadows flicker back and forth across the room and beads of sweat form on her brow. Her teeth clench as she focuses her will; she wields the Source like a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting away at the corruption. But the Darkness fights back; shadows driven back by her power suddenly lash out like razors, and blood flows freely from the wounds they inflict. Lisandra ignores the pain, ignores everything except the power of the Source; with one final scream light bursts from her, banishing the shadows and momentarily blinding her companions.

When vision returns Lisandra is lying slumped upon the floor, blood pooling around her. Rufus is first to her side, feeling desperately for a pulse. Her eyes flicker open, and there is triumph in them. “It is done” she whispers. “Their magic can be beaten!”

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 26”

  1. Morale Checks:
    Fyn: 14/20 plus Survival = 20
    Tomas: 19/20 plus Physical = 25
    Idril: 11/20 plus Mind = 15
    Cayleb: 6/20 minus survival = 0
    Lisandra opposed check: 1d20+4 = 6
    Cayleb opposed check: 1d20+1 = 3
    Lisandra: Consecrate spell: Stretched, Extended, Empowered, Widened: 12 HP, 12 Mana

  2. After a few pretty difficult and unpleasant sessions for the heroes this is a real breakthrough. With my DM hat on I grant the whole party 5 XP each.

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