Session Report: Mines of Madness part 3

The party get HugHug to shake the dwarven statue’s hand, and a magic mouth appears, granting them the answers to three questions. After some deliberation the party decide what to ask:

Q: “Where is the Forever Stone?”
A: “Beyond the mad wizard’s chamber.”

Q: “How do we get to the mad wizard’s chamber?”
A: First you must pass through the hidden door; then a sacrifice must be made; then you must pass steel, stone and flesh; then you must solve the final riddle.”

Q: “Where is the hidden door?”
A: “The gargoyle can answer that question.”

The party return to the gargoyle/ statue, remove the pants from its head and shout orders at it, prod it, hit it with hammers and the like. No dice. They follow its gaze and discover a secret door in the wall opposite the gargoyle, but no amount of brute force will open it. The party are stumped.

Giving up on the gargoyle they investigate the phantom miner and the moaning chamber. Exercising uncharacteristic wisdom they decide not to go anywhere near the twisted moaning portal, and decide instead to turn to divine inspiration (they phone Russell to help them). This conversation unearths a vital nugget of information; they have not asked the gargoyle any questions.

The gargoyle, utterly inert until now, responds when asked direct questions. When asked how the secret door can be open it mutters “Bugger. Glitterdark.” And the door swings open.

Beyond lies a chamber with a sacrificial altar. Figuring that a sacrifice is required the cleric and elven ranger leap upon the hapless HugHug and stab him to death, hurling his twitching corpse onto the altar. Nothing happens. Then they take the bag of green goo (that used to be a bag of electrum pieces (that used to be a dwarven warrior)) and stab that too. This seems to do the trick; unlike HugHug the transmuted dwarf is a willing sacrifice; an obsidian stone block slides back revealing an exit.

By offering the diamond pick the party get past a huge iron golem, then avoid a fight with a giant bat and charm a giant cave cricket called Trevor to lead them out of the chamber. Charlie, having lost yet another character, is now playing Trevor.

They avoid getting impaled by piercers, keep out of the clutches of a purple worm (do worms have clutches?) and find themselves at a door with a series of dwarven runes carved into small brass plates. It seems one rune from each row must be depressed.

Forgetting that they are in a D&D adventure he party then spend the best part of an hour applying Bletchley Park-level codebreaking techniques to the problem. The net result is lots of damage as they trigger the trapped door with one failed try after another.

Finally the cleric cracks the puzzle; using one letter from each line he spells out the word UNLOCK. The door swings open to reveal a chamber with robed and seated skeletal figure, impatiently drumming its bony fingers on the arm of its throne.





Once again plenty of confusion, paranoia and two more party members killed in the Mines of Madness. Better yet, both of those were murdered by their own companions! This is putting me in the mood to run the Tomb of Horrors! Any takers?

One Response to “Session Report: Mines of Madness part 3”

  1. It was nice to speak to you all yesterday. I’m not sure my advice helped, as you figured out the problem before I spoke but I’m glad you managed to get past the puzzle and get on with the character death.

    This adventure makes me keen to have a (third) try to complete Deathtrap Dungeon the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook.

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