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Games Night 24th May

Posted in General on May 24, 2013 by Carl

I’m at my work leaving do tonight and so can’t make it. 

I believe Jules is in and up for hosting; who else can make it? 

Games Night: Friday 17th May

Posted in General on May 12, 2013 by Carl

I’m good to host this week. Richard can’t make it, hopefully others can.

Now that the Mines of Madness have been successfully looted we’re going to need a new game. I’m happy to play if someone else would like to DM.

If no-one has anything ready we could try something I’ve been tinkering with over the weekend. It’s a home-made playset for Fiasco called Goblins. Here’s the pitch.

Nature abhors a goblin, and so does everybody else. If you add to this the fact goblins are small, feeble and severely lacking in the intellect department, whilst possessing the kind of insatiable curiosity and avarice for shiny junk that inevitably leads to trouble, it is not hard to see how a goblin’s world can be a rather dangerous place.

Goblins are often narcissistic, selfish, unkind, obsessive, conniving, rude, sly and brutish. They are motivated by all manner of foolish things; some are obsessive collectors of rubbish. Others fixate upon ludicrous religious cults such as the Order of the Holy Spoon, the Shiny Path or the Eternal Church of Saint Snotgobble. Still others pursue impossible dreams of power or revenge, all utterly doomed to failure. All manner of tiny things may occupy what little space there is between a goblin’s ears, and most of them will get him killed..

As if that were not enough there’s the local orc tribe to contend with. The Biguns variously treat their goblin hangers-on as servants, slaves, draught excluders or dinner. 

For most goblins life is a short miserable sequence of wildly delusional plots, get rich quick schemes, swindling, shivving,begging and running away, followed shortly thereafter by painful death.

It is, in other words, a Fiasco.

Here’s the link to the playset Relationship, Need, Location and Object tables:

Any interest? If so I’ll brush up on the Fiasco rules this week and send out a rules summary to those without the rulebook.




Session Report: Mines of Madness part 4

Posted in Session Reports: Other on May 11, 2013 by Carl

The bony remnants of the mad wizard Abracadamus usher the surviving party members in and very kindly return Moonpie to them.

The Crypt thing then tells them it will pose three questions.

Question 1: Why do you come here?

“To seek the Forever Stone!” the party cry. The mad wizard offers them a big pile of treasure instead, but the party are insistent. “Your funeral” Abracadamus mutters.

Question 2: Are you prepared to make a final sacrifice?

“I am” pipes up the elven ranger Sindarin Wolfeye, and the mad wizard disintegrates him.

Question 3: “Which is faster, a griffon heading for a rodeo or a hippogriff with its tail on fire?”

This one causes some head scratching. The eventual answer proves incorrect. “You have failed to take into consideration a dragon that hasn’t eaten for a hundred years the mad wizard points out, and unleashes a dragon that hasn’t eaten for a hundred years on them.

The party are soon struggling; though Moonpie’s dragonslaying arrow inflicts a grievous wound the beast soon has them dead or dying. It crunches down on Terri the cricket, and is about to turn its attention to the other two when a door swings open to reveal Sindarin, clutching the Forever Stone. It turns out he was not disintegrated but teleported, and he has successfully bypassed one final puzzle to claim the prize.

A single arrow from the elf’s bow is all that’s required to fell the wounded dragon, and Abracadamus gratefully relinquishes his hold on undeath, crumbling to dust.

It seems the Forever Stone is a powerful artefact of Good, and that the bearer will be granted everlasting life until all evil in the world is eliminated. Perhaps it is the inevitable logic that eternal life will only be his while evil remains that causes Sindarin’s next act. Perhaps it is a madness brought on by these mines. Or perhaps it’s just because he’s a fucked-up elven psychopath. Whatever the reason he reaches down to his unconscious allies… and slits their throats.

Then, Forever Stone in pocket, Sindarin leaves the Mines of Madness to take his place in legend.

Stupid, Reckless & Overwhelmed: Next

Posted in Characters on May 8, 2013 by Carl

Here’s what I have so far on the SR&O conversions from 4E to Next. As there are fewer levels in Next (20 compared to 4E’s 30) everyone goes down a couple of levels to compensate. No magic items yet.

Everyone is going to look pretty different; the goal is to try and keep the core of the character alive rather than replicate powers and abilities directly. Your thoughts are welcome on how you think these are working and what you would like to see change.

Brother Bryn







Games Night: Friday May 10th

Posted in General on May 8, 2013 by Carl

I’m up for running the last session of Mines of Madness on Friday. Any takers?

I’m also considering restarting the Stupid, Reckless and Overwhelmed campaign in D&D Next if there’s sufficient interest. I think using Next might help the story flow a little quicker than it did in 4E. I’ve taken a first stab at converting a few of the characters; once they’re all done I’ll post links on the site so you can take a look.

Games Night: Friday 3rd May

Posted in General on May 2, 2013 by Carl

Apologies folks I’m afraid I can’t make it this week. Jules, are you able to host?