Stupid, Reckless & Overwhelmed: Next

Here’s what I have so far on the SR&O conversions from 4E to Next. As there are fewer levels in Next (20 compared to 4E’s 30) everyone goes down a couple of levels to compensate. No magic items yet.

Everyone is going to look pretty different; the goal is to try and keep the core of the character alive rather than replicate powers and abilities directly. Your thoughts are welcome on how you think these are working and what you would like to see change.

Brother Bryn







2 Responses to “Stupid, Reckless & Overwhelmed: Next”

  1. only thing I can really put my finger on is artheons spell selection. He was much more a controller than damage dealer, so more thingsm like colour spray, gust of wind, cause fear, web, hold person. Rather than fireball, acid arrow and flame sphere. I think he would be more effective in next as you built him Carl but less “on theme” 🙂
    Up to Richard I guess :p

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