Session Report: Mines of Madness part 4

The bony remnants of the mad wizard Abracadamus usher the surviving party members in and very kindly return Moonpie to them.

The Crypt thing then tells them it will pose three questions.

Question 1: Why do you come here?

“To seek the Forever Stone!” the party cry. The mad wizard offers them a big pile of treasure instead, but the party are insistent. “Your funeral” Abracadamus mutters.

Question 2: Are you prepared to make a final sacrifice?

“I am” pipes up the elven ranger Sindarin Wolfeye, and the mad wizard disintegrates him.

Question 3: “Which is faster, a griffon heading for a rodeo or a hippogriff with its tail on fire?”

This one causes some head scratching. The eventual answer proves incorrect. “You have failed to take into consideration a dragon that hasn’t eaten for a hundred years the mad wizard points out, and unleashes a dragon that hasn’t eaten for a hundred years on them.

The party are soon struggling; though Moonpie’s dragonslaying arrow inflicts a grievous wound the beast soon has them dead or dying. It crunches down on Terri the cricket, and is about to turn its attention to the other two when a door swings open to reveal Sindarin, clutching the Forever Stone. It turns out he was not disintegrated but teleported, and he has successfully bypassed one final puzzle to claim the prize.

A single arrow from the elf’s bow is all that’s required to fell the wounded dragon, and Abracadamus gratefully relinquishes his hold on undeath, crumbling to dust.

It seems the Forever Stone is a powerful artefact of Good, and that the bearer will be granted everlasting life until all evil in the world is eliminated. Perhaps it is the inevitable logic that eternal life will only be his while evil remains that causes Sindarin’s next act. Perhaps it is a madness brought on by these mines. Or perhaps it’s just because he’s a fucked-up elven psychopath. Whatever the reason he reaches down to his unconscious allies… and slits their throats.

Then, Forever Stone in pocket, Sindarin leaves the Mines of Madness to take his place in legend.


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  1. […] magical stone in his belt pouch, the secret of his eternal life. Yes, their foe has in fact been the elven ranger Sindarin, bearer of the Forever Stone.  Sersimon begs the party leave; the Lord will come back to life soon enough thanks to the power […]

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