Games Night: Friday 17th May

I’m good to host this week. Richard can’t make it, hopefully others can.

Now that the Mines of Madness have been successfully looted we’re going to need a new game. I’m happy to play if someone else would like to DM.

If no-one has anything ready we could try something I’ve been tinkering with over the weekend. It’s a home-made playset for Fiasco called Goblins. Here’s the pitch.

Nature abhors a goblin, and so does everybody else. If you add to this the fact goblins are small, feeble and severely lacking in the intellect department, whilst possessing the kind of insatiable curiosity and avarice for shiny junk that inevitably leads to trouble, it is not hard to see how a goblin’s world can be a rather dangerous place.

Goblins are often narcissistic, selfish, unkind, obsessive, conniving, rude, sly and brutish. They are motivated by all manner of foolish things; some are obsessive collectors of rubbish. Others fixate upon ludicrous religious cults such as the Order of the Holy Spoon, the Shiny Path or the Eternal Church of Saint Snotgobble. Still others pursue impossible dreams of power or revenge, all utterly doomed to failure. All manner of tiny things may occupy what little space there is between a goblin’s ears, and most of them will get him killed..

As if that were not enough there’s the local orc tribe to contend with. The Biguns variously treat their goblin hangers-on as servants, slaves, draught excluders or dinner. 

For most goblins life is a short miserable sequence of wildly delusional plots, get rich quick schemes, swindling, shivving,begging and running away, followed shortly thereafter by painful death.

It is, in other words, a Fiasco.

Here’s the link to the playset Relationship, Need, Location and Object tables:

Any interest? If so I’ll brush up on the Fiasco rules this week and send out a rules summary to those without the rulebook.




3 Responses to “Games Night: Friday 17th May”

  1. goblins rock! Amazing description! Hope someone has something else so we can play this at Srao con

  2. What’s the verdict folks? Who can make it on Friday, and what do you want to play?

    Thanks for that Stefan. I’ve pinched large chunks from other sources to create the playset, primarily a freebie micro-RPG called Goblins! by the guys at the Dice of Doom podcast. That podcast is worth checking out by the way, lots of good RPG and boardgame-related stuff that I’ve found pretty entertaining.

  3. Anyone or thing (let’s not be speciesist) around for tonight?

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