Games Night: Friday June 7th

Game on at my place this Friday.

If you’re up for it I’ve prepped a short story (one or two session) to try out your old 4E SRaO characters using DnD Next rules. It forms part of the ongoing campaign but has been created in such a way as to allow stress testing of character builds and opposition without impacting too much on the ongoing plot.

I’ve updated most of the characters with magic items. Take a look here:

I’m also happy to play board games or another RPG if someone is in the mood to DM.

Who’s in, and who’s up for what?

2 Responses to “Games Night: Friday June 7th”

  1. Richard Says:

    I’m back in this Friday for 3 weeks. I’m happy to play whatever but I would like to look over Artheon’s spell selection whilst I’m there.

  2. Hi Rich, if you have a chance to review the spell list before Friday and either update his sheet or let me know what changes you’d like that would be handy. You can find Artheon here:

    and the full wizard spell list here:

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