Games Night Friday 14th June

It seems as though the response is generally favourable to the Nextification of SRaO, so this Friday we’ll be starting the campaign proper again. There’s the small matter of a certain Azzar Kul to take care of.

I’ve bumped everyone up to level 7 and tried as much as possible to add in the changes made in the latest (June) playtest packet. I’ve probably missed some. Quite a lot  of spells have been changed.

Brother Bryn






I haven’t had a chance to finish Erkeon yet. He still needs spells, equipement and magic gear. With rumours of a possible Stefan appearance I’d best get that sorted in the next couple of days…

Who’s in?



2 Responses to “Games Night Friday 14th June”

  1. Richard Says:

    I’m in. Wondering what that black tentacle spell does? (I’ve seen enough hentai to know where that is going…)
    Depending on what it is, thinking about replacing it with Confusion.

  2. Its an area hold and dó damage Spell.

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