Into The Fane of Tiamat

The party have been informed that Azzar Kul, operating from his mountain fortress the Fane of Tiamat, is working on a complex, month-long ritual to open a portal to Tiamat’s court. Success would surely mean access to an infernal horde many orders of magnitude more deadly than the Red Hand army.

They finally reach the Fane; a vast sculpture of Tiamat is carved into a cliff-side, overlooking a small plateau. From one gaping maw plummets Varanthian, the undead white dragon, and ex-companion of Wyrmlord Ulwai Stormcaller.

The dragon sets about blasting the party with its icy breath, hovering out of reach over a vertiginous chasm. What can the party do? Artheon decides to fireball the creature, which proves remarkably effective. Within moments the dragon is severely wounded.

Thovar, ignoring such petty considerations as gravity and 120 foot drops, leaps off the plateau with a view to planting his axe Brainbiter in Varanthian’s skull. He ends up dangling from his axe, which lodges into the dragon’s lower jaw. This poses a small dilemma to his companions; if they send the dragon plummeting to its doom they send Thovar along with it.

Fortunately for the battle-crazed dwarf the dragon moves over the plateau in order to tail-swipe Erkeon off it, and Artheon blasts the creature into oblivion. Thovar is safe, and Erkeon is saved from certain death by the small miracle of being transformed into a pure-white dove (and picking up a hot dove lady friend into the bargain). It’s handy being a favoured saint of Pelor.

Once back in deva form Erkeon and his religious knowledge gets the party through the vast stone doors without incident, and the party move inside.

Overcoming a colour-coded puzzle/ trap in the foyer they move deeper into the Fane, discovering an abandoned barracks with the body of a bronze dragon chained to the ceiling. This proves to be the current home of  a chain devil, who is soon joined by four Doomhand Warpriests. Nightshard, the greatsword taken by Brick from General Kharn, proves to have a particular hatred for devils. This battle is a close-run thing, and were it not for Erkeon’s entangle spell locking down the chain devil for a large part of the combat things might have gone very badly.

Ultimately the party emerge victorious but battered. If the rest of the Fane is as tough as this they are going to have their work cut out for them.

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