This dungeon goes to 11

It’s been a while since we were last round the table, and every one is a little rusty.

Our heroes, fresh from their battle with the chain devil, hear a scream from an adjacent room and set off to investigate. Thovar the impetuous dwarven rager charges into the room,  discovering it to be a torture chamber and cells.

He also discovers a balcony which he hurtles over, and a bone devil waiting for him below. Always the quick thinker (quick, not necessarily accurate) he turns his fall to his advantage, bringing his axe down on his foe.

Battle is joined, two more bone devils appear, and for a moment the dwarf looks like he might be in trouble. His companions come to the rescue though, with Habakkuk firing the final killing arrow.

A search of the cells reveals something unexpected; the tiefling warlock Apocalypsia has been captured by stragglers of the Red Hand army and has been brought to Azarr Kul’s mountain stronghold for questioning. Figuring that her best chance of survival is to rejoin her erstwhile colleagues she joins the party. In hindsight this decision doesn’t prove to be her brightest.

A secret door is discovered that leads down to a huge temple cavern, where draconic humanoids sing praise to their dark god. At this point things go seriously south; acting with a singular lack of strategy or preparation the party engage the enemy and quickly find themselves in big trouble.

Once again Thovar races in and finds himself surrounded, only his time his allies have troubles of their own and can’t effect a rescue. Brick comes under attack from flying Greenspan Razorfiends, whilst everyone else tries to cope with the fire spells of a Redspawn Arcaniss. Attacks are being split between enemies, the the party are outflanked and are taking significant damage.

Sanity prevails and a retreat is called for. One problem; Thovar is cut off and hurting badly. He bursts free and races for the tunnel entrance, four Greenspan Zealots at his heels.

He makes it by the skin of his teeth, barely clinging to consciousness. His pursuers are not so lucky; the party spellcasters earn their keep as they take down all four.

Our heroes fall back, retreating to the torture chamber. They are far too battered and drained to take on the Redspawn spellcaster and the five flying Razorfiends, and they are concerned that pursuit cannot be far behind.

Instead they retreat into the compound, eventually locating an out of the way store room. Here they bind their wounds, and bed down for much needed rest.

Can they make it through the night without being discovered?

One Response to “This dungeon goes to 11”

  1. Stupid, reckless and overwhelmed….now with singular lack of strategy! Awesome!

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