A Truth Universally Acknowledged

It is a truth universally acknowledged that children hide in store cupboards whilst heroes rest in secure locations.

So it is the door of a secure location that brother Bryn kicks in to discover his comrades, fast asleep in a cramped heap amidst the crates and barrels.

Delighted at being reunited with their dear friend and spiritual mentor our heroes set out with renewed vigour to a backdrop of Latvian fuckrock. This jolly mood is only slightly tarnished by the discovery that their store cupboard secure location was situated right next to four sumptuous guest bedrooms.

Their enemy’s deserted council chamber is soon discovered, along with a large number of papers, maps and war documents. These reveal no evidence of a Brindol traitor, but do name another spy, someone named Jocelin.

Azarr Khul’s throne, encrusted with gems, proves too great a temptation for Apocalypsia. Which is a shame, because it’s trapped. The party are first rocked by an eruption of fire, and then are chased round and round the table by a huge fire elemental. All that’s missing is the Benny Hill music.

With this creature slain a secret passage is discovered to the dreaded temple, and a far more considered attack plan is put into action. This is largely successful, and in no time at all those pesky Greenspawn Razorfiends are dead or fled.

There is no sign off the redspawn spell-caster however, nor of any exit from the temple. What next for our intrepid heroes?

6 Responses to “A Truth Universally Acknowledged”

  1. Gasp!
    Who would have thought a bejewelled unguarded throne would be trapped :p

    Are you still playing Next? How did you deal with upgrading the currently underpowered ranger?

  2. Yes, still playing Next, though I haven’t got round to upgrading everything to the August packet.

    For the Ranger I just made up some new abilities; twin shot only has disadvantage on the second attack, damage 1’s count as 2’s etc. He seemed more effective in the battles, better balanced with the rest of the party to my mind.

  3. As the next packet is due to be the last before Next is released in 2014 I may wait for that packet before revising all the character sheets.

  4. Definitely, I would skip the current package entirely… theres quite a few conceptual oddities on it that has already been confirmed as to be history.

  5. HA! Speak of the devil, last package released today!

  6. Yes, just spotted it! How’s that for expert timing 🙂

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