Gnome Fu

Our intrepid adventurers discover a secret passage hidden beneath the stone altar in Tiamat’s temple. Down into the darkness they go, bickering all the way. A rough cut tunnel leads them to the edge of a vast underground cavern. Ahead of them, vanishing into darkness, is a long rope bridge, swaying gently in the breeze.

A magically illuminated arrow is fired, revealing the bridge to be 100 feet across. It also reveals the vast scaly form of an immense blue dragon which comes sailing past. Habbakuk sees an opportunity where others see certain death; using his unerring sense of balance he sprints across the bridge leaving his companions dumbstruck in his wake.

He makes it most of the way across before the dragon sweeps down out of the darkness and casually severs two of the ropes holding up the bridge. Despite this Habbakuk keeps his feet and makes it across.

The others are left with a problem: this rope bridge has just become significantly more treacherous, and with that dragon out there somewhere it looks likely to become more dangerous still. Fortunately Thovar’s darkvision allows him to spot a well hidden path down the chasm wall, and the party make their way down in silence and darkness. That is until Apocalypsia slips and falls near the bottom, with much clattering and swearing. There is a roar from overhead, and the dragon swoops down after its escaping playthings.

Then a voice from the darkness whispers “come with me if you want to live”.

Meanwhile Habbakuk does some Ill advised exploring and finds himself pursued by a small horde of hobgoblins. His attempts at camouflage (hanging by fingertips over the side of the chasm) meet with limited success.

The rest of the party follow their benefactor to safety and discover they have been rescued by a clan of deep gnome monks who agree to come to the party’s aid. They head up the far side of the cavern and spot Habakkuk fast talking his way out of certain death.

They attack, using shock and awe tactics to cut a swathe through the hobgoblins and the redspawn arcaniss (largely by throwing kung fu gnomes at them).

Pressing on our heroes discover a ritual chamber, where the hobgoblins have been gathering power from their dragon god. Will the party shatter the magical receptacle before heading deeper into Azarr Khul’s lair?

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