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Next Session: Friday 10th January

Posted in Uncategorized on January 7, 2014 by Carl

I’m good to host but have a really busy week this week. Could anyone else take on DM duties? I’m going to have very little time or energy to prepare anything in time.

Please let me know if you can or can’t as soon as possible please.

Redcloaks Mission 1: The Mist of Mwangi

Posted in Redcloaks on January 4, 2014 by Carl

Our heroes assemble at the gates of a creepy museum. Reporting for duty are:

  • Onkarion Onkariot, wealthy orc trader (Jules)
  • Malphalus, potty-mouthed pubescent frost mage (Charlie)
  • Ftumpsh: diminutive summoned demon (Sean)
  • Thanrir Ironbrow: one-eyed dwarven hooligan (James, joining us for the first time)

Mission Director Spode has instructed the team (in at least 12 accents) to brave the mist-filled Blakros Museum and seek out the curator, one Nigel Aldain, an ex-Redcloak who hates the Guild and has long denied them access to the museum’s many artefacts. This is a rescue and reconciliation mission.

A mysterious mist rolls out of the open doors of the museum. Some dark magic at work no doubt. Within, our plucky heroes have to battle a room full of exhibits turned walking dead. Things look dicey for Ftumpsh for a bit, but Malphalus blasts everything in sight into ice shards.

Possessed museum staff attack only to be given a similarly cold shoulder. Our noble heroes rescue an assistant from a filing cabinet and discover that a Redcloak adventurer named Lugizar Trantos  delivered some sort of relic from the Mwangi Expanse to Nigel Aldain which has clearly exerted some sort of demonic influence over the museum.

The party avoid a particularly spooky set of floating masks, opting instead for a jungle exhibit room wherein a score of small, medium and large monkeys surround a massive gorilla who stands atop a papier mache ziggurat. They are all clearly possessed, and three animated wooden monkey idols that scamper about the room are clearly the cause.

Thanrir goes for the direct approach but the gorilla leaps over him to attack Ftumpsh. Malphalus blasts away while Onkarion finds his diplomatic skills ill-suited to dealing with hordes of possessed demonic monkeys.

Thanrir then tries to rescue the imprisoned Aldain, who promptly attacks. Thanrir chops off the curator’s arm in retaliation, then gets mobbed by monkeys. Wounded, the dwarf succumbs to the rage magic of the mists and goes postal. Malphalus is spent. Things are looking as if they might go south until Ftumpsh and his summoned demonic ogre manage to destroy the three animated idols and dispel the mists.

Back at base Director Spode is almost speechless with fury. The museum has been trashed, priceless exhibits have been destroyed, his old friend Nigel Aldain has been killed along with two members of the museum staff, and all at his own team’s hands. He has been denounced by the Blakros family as an incompetent bungler, and all hopes at a reconciliation have been dashed. It’s latrine duty for a month for our luckless Redcloaks. Ftumpsh is delighted.