Resurrection of the Devil’s Riddle

Some time back I ran a solo RPG campaign called the Devil’s Riddle, partly to test a number of game tools and systems, and partly to see if a solo RPG experience could be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

The tool at the heart of the game was The Online Mythic GM Emulator. I used it to act as my virtual GM, answering questions and steering the game in unpredictable ways.

For game systems I started out using USR: The Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying System, and then moved to a customised version of the Microlite d20 system.

My starting characters, the Channeler of the Light Lisandra and her Blademaster bodyguard Rufus, were soon joined by more; the rakish rogue Fyn, the cowardly thug Caleb, the elderly gnome illusionist Idril, and the noble but naive Tomas.

The story, it turned out, was one of encroaching darkness, a dire faceless menace threatening to engulf countless worlds. Our little band of adventurers seemed to be all that stood in the path of of this certain doom.

And there things stopped, back in 2013.

On a whim I spent today rereading the story of the Devil’s Riddle, and found that I wanted to find out what happened next. And so I recreated my party, this time using D&D 5e, and dusted off my GM emulator. Let’s see where they take me.

One Response to “Resurrection of the Devil’s Riddle”

  1. Lisandra finished the last session pouring everything into a Consecrate spell, to counter the Desecrate that had been cast as part of the Harvesting ritual. Those spells don’t exist in 5e; the closest I can find is Hallow, which is a 5th level spell (Lisandra won’t get access to it until level 9!)

    I think for the purposes of this game Desecrate and Consecrate will need to continue to exist as Level 3 rituals. I’ve established those rituals as an important part of how the Light and Dark compete for territory. So if and when we get to casting either again I’ll have a think about how to make them work. House rules already, and we haven’t even started!

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