The Devil’s Riddle: Session 27

After binding her wounds Rufus and Tomas carry Lisandra back to her bed. She smiles weakly at her bodyguard as he fusses over her, gesturing him closer.

“I will rest here and heal, my friend. Idril can stay with me, and protect me if it comes to that. I need you to explore the village, and see if we can determine the purpose behind the attack. There may even be survivors.”

As her eyes close Rufus straightens. He turns to the others and ushers them from the room. “You heard her” he growls. “Idril, don’t leave her side. Fyn, Cayleb, you’re with me. We’re heading out into the village. And Tomas? I want you here, searching every square inch of this inn. If there are any more nasty surprises lurking in this place I want them found, understand?”

The group move quietly to their allotted tasks, still shaken by the morning’s events. Before leaving, Fyn, Rufus and Cayleb wrap the flayed corpses of the rescued villagers in sheets and take them outside  to cremate them. As they stand watching the bonfire Rufus turns to Cayleb.

“So you’re still here? Thought you planned to cut and run?”

The smaller man glowers up at Rufus with a mixture of defiance and ill-concealed fear. “It’s true what she said, ain’t it?” Cayleb snaps, “No-where’s safe? Well if that’s true I figure my best chance is with her. She seems the only one around here with the first clue of what’s going on, and what to do about it. So like it or not, you’re stuck with me.”

As he turns away the faintest of smiles tugs at Rufus’ lips. How does she do it? Without even trying she wins over the unlikeliest of allies…

His train of thought is dramatically interrupted by several loud bangs, and then the bonfire suddenly erupts in front of them. Smoke billows over them, sparks scatter in all directions. A shadowy figure rises from the earth at the heart of the fire, wreathed in smoke and flame.

“To arms!” Rufus cries as the figure lurches towards them. arms raised. “Cut it down!” Fyn and Cayleb have their weapons drawn in an instant.

“No! Wait! Ow!” the figure yells back through hacking coughs, and Jeden the innkeeper emerges from the smoke, collapsing in a heap in front of them. He rolls on the ground, desperately trying to put out his burning clothes, wracked by coughing. “Who’s damn fool idea was it to set a fire over the cellar trapdoor?” he wheezes, tears streaming down his face.




2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 27”

  1. Q: Has Cayleb fled? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Does anything happen while cremating the corpses? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    E: Positive for Jeden: the Exposing of Reality

  2. Cool, we’re back, and the GM emulator keeps those unexpected twists coming. Next time we get to see what Jeden has to say for himself.

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