The Devil’s Riddle: Session 28


Tomas, with typical thoroughness, searches the Devil’s Riddle Inn from top to bottom. Having satisfied himself the upper storey is clear he is rummaging through the kitchens when he hears a sound from the larder.

He flings the door open just in time to see a small bare foot disappearing behind a row of tall stone jars. “Out you come!” he cries, and reaches down to grab whoever is hiding. Sharp teeth sinking into his hand are his only reward.

With a curse he steps back as a young girl, perhaps 15 or 16, dashes out from behind the jars and makes a run for the door. He is too quick for her though, reaching down and grabbing her by the scruff of the neck before she can wriggle free.

The girl fights like a wildcat for several moments, but soon realises she cannot break the big man’s grip. She slumps back against the wall, gazing up at him with sullen, fearful eyes.

“I’m not your enemy, girl.” Tomas says, doing his best to reassure her. “You need have no fear of me. What is your name? How did you come to be here?” He loosens his grip, and in that instant she squirms free and makes a fresh dash for the door. “Light take you, girl!” he shouts as he grabs her again. “I’m trying to rescue you!”


3 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 28”

  1. Q: Does Tomas find anything? YES
    Q: Danger? NO
    Q: More hidden villagers? YES
    rolled a d4 and got a 1 (1)
    Ranji Image
    Q: Is Ranji trusting? NO
    Tomas rolled a DEX save and got a 15 (14)
    Ranji rolled a DEX save and got a 12 (9)
    Tomas rolled a Persuasion check and got a 8 (8)
    Ranji rolled a WIS save and got a 11 (10)
    Ranji rolled a DEX save and got a 11 (8)
    Tomas rolled a DEX save and got a 17 (16)

  2. The NPC tool has provided some interesting backstory to Ranji. A demi-human teen with a drug habit and and a secret resurrection in her past? I wonder if that will prove incidental or tie in to the main story.

  3. I think I’ll make her a half-elf.

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