The Devil’s Riddle: Session 29

Rufus, Fyn and Cayleb escort the still smoldering and complaining Jeden back towards the inn, patting him out as they go.

“Jeden, we thought you gone with the rest! What happened? Who did this?” Fyn asks.

“The damn fools did it themselves!” Jeden replies. “The whole village, they just upped and started setting the place on fire! I didn’t stop to ask why, not after what I’ve seen these past days. I figured the safest place for me was underground in the wine cellar, and I got down there quick sharp. Well, it would have been safe if you lot hadn’t pitched up and decided to smoke me out while I was sleeping.”

Rufus grunts. “If no-one took them, where did they go?” When Jeden shrugs the blademaster sends his companions out into the burned out ruins of the village to see if they can gather any clues. Sure enough, Fyn returns shortly with news of many fresh tracks, men women and children, leading northwest.

“The Tremane Trail”, Jeden says. “Follow that path a day and a half and you reach Tremane, a trading outpost in the shadows of the Blue Peaks. But why by the True Power would they want to head there?”

“Another mystery, and one I fear we may not be able to answer any time soon. They have a good start on us, and we are not going anywhere until Lisandra is healed. Let’s get you back inside, Jeden, we can decide what to do when Lisandra awakes.”


2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 29”

  1. Q: does he know what happened to the village? YES
    Q: Was it attacked by outsiders? NO
    Q: Does he know why the villagers burned the village down? NO
    Q: Does he know where the villagers went? NO
    DC: 14
    Rufus rolled a Survival check and got a 6 (3)
    Fyn Smallwood rolled a Survival check and got a 18 (18)
    Cayleb rolled a Survival check and got a 10 (9)
    Direction: rolled a d8 and got a 8 (8): NW
    Q: Is there a road to the NW? YES
    Chaotic Shiny Map generated: Trading post to NW, 1.5 days march
    Chaotic Shiny Map
    Map legend
    Hexographer map created
    Hexographer Map
    Q: Do the group hear the commotion from the kitchen? NO

  2. A couple of useful tools here. The Chaotic Shiny map is a randomly generated map, which I’ve then transposed into a handy Hexographer map. Both free online tools.

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