The Devil’s Riddle: Session 30

While Fyn and Caleb tend to the charred and cantankerous innkeeper, Rufus joins Tomas in questioning the half elf girl. She reluctantly reveals that her name is Ranji, but she is able to provide little else of use.

“I came for the fair. I had nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, so I snuck in the kitchens where it was nice and warm. Look, just let me go, will you? I wasn’t to get back to ma and pa.”

She juts her chin out defiantly, not cowed in the least by the armoured warrior or his huge and heavy set companion. Rufus sighs.

“Best you wait here with us lass, at least until Lilandra wakes. She may have further questions for you.”

Ranji nods, eyes downcast, but by the time the healer awakes she has slipped Tomas’s guard and is long gone.

Jeden, meanwhile, is making his feelings quite plain to Fyn and Caleb.

“I tell you, that’s an end to it. Those two have my gratitude an’ all, but the longer I stick around them the crazier things get. Whatever they’re up to, I’m well out of it. By some small mercy the Riddle is still standing, and village or no village, it’s the only livelihood I’ve got. I’m sticking here. And if you want my advice you two will do the same. They mean well, I reckon, but sticking with those two is a fast track to an early grave.”

Fyn and Cayleb exchange a nervous glance but say nothing, tucking into the plate of cold meats the innkeeper has rustled up for them. Jeden’s words have some truth to them, but what is the alternative? If Lisandra is to be believed nowhere is safe from the encroaching darkness; if they don’t take a stand, who will?


2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 30”

  1. Q: Does Ranji cooperate with Tomas? YES
    Q: Does Ranji have useful information? NO
    Q: Does Ranji want to stay with the party? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Is there someone she fears in particular? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Something Positive happens to Jeden, involving
    the Negligence of Plans

  2. Back in the saddle after over a year! A post on the 5E Facebook group about solo RPGing reminded me of this campaign so let’s get back to it and see what lies in wait for Lilandra, Rufus and their little band.

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