The Devil’s Riddle: Session 31

It is a full 15 hours before Lisandra finally awakes. While she eats Rufus brings her up to speed on developments. The channeler remains silent until her faithful guardian has told her everything, then she meets his eyes.

“In a way I am grateful the villagers have fled: with luck they will reach their destination, and their departure will rob our enemy of fuel for its vile harvest. That may make what we have to do next a little easier.”

Rufus nods. “We have enemies in those tunnels that need to die.”

“Not to mention undoing the desecration of the monastery. Though I fear I am in no condition to manage that at present. Perhaps if we destroy the perpetrators of that foul act the dark magics that surround the place will be sufficiently weakened for me to permanently break them. You are right my friend; we must return to the tunnels.”

Jeden, who has been busying himself about the kitchens, comes into the taproom with hot drinks for both. “You know, I should follow my own advice and keep well out of all this, but… Well I’ve been thinking.” He beckons Cayleb over and continues; “You said the camp was in the tunnels to the west of the monastery, yes? Protected and hidden?” Cayleb nods nervously. “Well, I’m no expert but it seems to me that walking headlong into that lot is a sure fire way to get yourselves killed. What you need is to turn the tables; bring them out to you.”

Rufus snorts. “And how do you propose we do that? Invite them over for dinner?”

“You’re not so far off the mark” the innkeeper smiles. “These monsters need victims for their rituals, right? If I understand you rightly they need fear to work their spells. Villagers, trussed and terrified, screaming their lungs out.”

“It may have escaped your notice innkeeper, but even if we were predisposed to use innocents as bait, we’re fresh out of screaming villagers.” Rufus raises an eyebrow at Jeden. “Unless you’re volunteering for the job?”   

“I don’t believe he is.” Idril interjects, causing Cayleb to start. She has approached the table in complete silence. “But I am.” In an instant a second Jeden stands before them, wringing his hands and looking terrified. “Hey!” Jeden protests. “I’m not that fat!”

Lisandra leans forward, a gleam in her eye and a smile playing at her lips. “Jeden, have you ever considered a career in adventuring?”

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 31”

  1. How long does Lisandra sleep? 4, 3
    1: 4-8 hrs
    2: 8-10 hrs
    3: 10-12 hrs
    4: 12-16 hrs
    Q: is she strong enough to consecrate the site? No
    Random Event: An Action is taken by Jeden, involving the Desertion of Advice
    Q: Does Jeden have a way of helping? YES
    Q: Does it involve him coming with the group? NO
    Q: How can he help? The Answer involves A Large Amount of Intelligence.

  2. This one took me ages to figure out. Eventually I decided that Jeden would offer advice that led to the party gaining an advantage through using their brains. Working backwards that led me to the solution Jeden proposes.

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