The Devil’s Riddle: Interlude

A quick update on the tools and material I’ll be using for this new run of sessions. This may be of use to anyone wishing to start their own solo campaign.

The GM Emulator

The Mythic GM Emulator remains at the heart of the  experience. It introduces the all-important random factor that keeps the solo experience from being the simple telling of a story. Using it has grown a bit more challenging as the online tool is Flash based, and many browsers have withdrawn support for Flash. For now it still runs on IE though, so I’ve dusted it off to serve that single purpose. I can’t get Flash to work on my Android phone for love nor money though. Should the thing eventually stop working I’ll need to revert to the manual version, but it would be a shame; the online version is so convenient. 

D&D 5th Edition

I’ve been DMing and playing this system with my game group since the playtest days of D&D Next, and to my mind it is by far and away the best iteration of D&D to date. There are some interesting ideas that 13th Age brings to the table, but I think overall this is my RPG system of preference. I’ve built my level 3 party as follows:

  • Lisandra: Aasimar Cleric (Light) – Volo’s Guide and PHB
  • Rufus: Variant Human Fighter (Battle Master) – PHB
  • Fyn: Variant Human Rogue (Swashbuckler) – PHB/ Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
  • Idril: Forest Gnome Wizard (Illusionist) – PHB
  • Tomas: Goliath Barbarian (Zealot) – PHB/ Volo’s Guide/ Unearthed Arcana
  • Cayleb: Variant Human Rogue (Scout) – PHB/ Unearthed Arcana

I’m a bit concerned that I’ve overdone things with a party of 6; it’s a bit of a headache mechanically to juggle so many PCs, and it’s hard to keep everyone involved in the narrative. I’ll stick with it for now, but I’ll see if opportunities arise to trim the party over time.

Squire Pro

Until D&D Beyond comes out of Beta and adds in all the extra functionality and content needed, Squire Pro is the best tool I’ve found for building character sheets electronically. As far as I know it’s Android only, but that works for me. I found a lot of content for it, including Unearthed Arcana (not 100% up to date), SCAG and Volo’s Guide. It takes a little tinkering with, but I was able to build my party pretty quickly, and now have them all conveniently on my phone.

Kobold Fight Club

The best encounter builder bar none currently is Kobold Fight Club. You can set various filters and settings, and have the tool come up with randomised encounters.

I’ll be using this along with the GM Emulator to determine what I’ll be fighting, and how tough those fights will be. I may well tweak the results to fit my narrative if required, and may also use the tool build my own encounters if I know what is coming up. I will also be using the encounter manager tools on this site to keep track of initiative order, hit points etc during combat. Yip yip!

Donjon and Chaotic Shiny

An amazing resource for the solo or standard DM, Donjon has pretty much everything.  I especially enjoy using it for random dungeons, but there’s so much more.

Chaotic Shiny also has a tremendous number of weird and wonderful randomisers (including a random generator randomiser!).

One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Interlude”

  1. Making Lisandra an Aasimar seemed to fit thematically. There has been no suggestion in the narrative thus far that she is anything other than human, but I think as she continues to level up I’ll start to draw out some Aasimar traits and flesh out her backstory to explain that bloodline.

    I made a similar decision with Tomas; making him a Goliath works for me; there’s nothing in the racial description that couldn’t be describing a particularly large human. It also adds some background fluff; we now know that Tomas’ tribe were reclusive mountain dwellers. Regarding his class, the Zealot barbarian subclass seemed a great fit. I was toying with making him part paladin, but this seems a better way to have him start to follow Lisandra’s teachings regarding the Source.

    Finally I’ve made Cayleb a rogue instead of a ranger. He really is a rogue, and the signature move of this subclass (run away!) is very him.

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