The Devil’s Riddle: Session 32

A young mother clutching a wailing baby to her breast staggers into the subterranean chamber. A slim young man with bedraggled brown hair follows close behind, holding a guttering torch. Both wear peasant garb, carry sacks filled with hastily-gathered belongings, and look considerably the worse for wear; their clothes are stained with soot and both have rings of exhaustion beneath their eyes. Though the mother tries to soothe the baby’s cries it is plain that she is not far from succumbing to panic herself.

“How much further, Aldo? Please, can’t we rest?” the young woman begs in a tremulous voice. “Surely we are safe down here? Surely those… things can’t find us? Little Landra needs a feed.”

The young man, who looks no more than 19 or 20, does his best to put on a brave face, but it is plain he is just as scared as she is. “Just a little longer, love; I want to put as much distance between us and Tylon. What happened back there…” his voice trails off, and he shakes his head. “Keep going love! If we just keep going we’ll be safe!”

They approach a heavy wooden door in the far wall of the rough stone chamber. The young man reaches out to open it only for his hand to pass straight through the wrought iron handle. The pair stare at the illusionary door dumbfounded, oblivious to the five hidden doors that open silently in the western wall, or to the brutish men that emerge stealthily from behind them, sharp steel glinting in their fists.

“Well what do we have here?”  grins their leader, a heavily tattooed, bearded thug, idly swinging a handaxe. “Are you lost, little lambs?”

The young family turn, their eyes wide with horror. “No! No!”

“What’s wrong, my pretties?” giggles another, tossing a heavy-bladed dagger from hand to hand. He grins broadly revealing several missing teeth.  “Worried we’re going to hurt you?”

The young peasant’s posture changes; one moment he’s cowering and hunched; the next he is straight backed and seemingly brimming with confidence. His large sack falls away to reveal a gleaming rapier clutched in his hand. With an easy smile he replies “Not really, if I’m honest. You, on the other hand, are in for a world of pain.”

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 32”

  1. Medium Encounter: 4 Thugs (CR ½), 1 Bandit Captain (CR 2)

    Idril’s active spells :
    Minor Illusion with audio (cantrip). That’s no baby!
    Alter Self (L1). That’s no young mother!

    R: Fyn Deception +7 (adv) vs Thug Wisdom (+0): 12, 15, 3
    Phew! I rolled a lowly 5 and 8 on my deception check. Even with the advantage I granted myself for Jeden’s clever setup that’s not great. Not to worry though, my thugs are a dull-witted lot; they only managed a 3, and fell for the ruse like the chumps they are.

    R: Rufus Stealth +5 (adv) vs Thug Passive Perception 10: 21, 8
    That cloak of elvenkind comes in very handy for situations like this. They never heard a thing.

  2. This all worked out pretty well for the party. They have the drop on their enemies, and have got them to emerge from behind their murder holes in the wall of the chamber.

    Thug battle round 0

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