The Devil’s Riddle: Session 33

Before the thugs have time to get their jaws off the floor  all hell breaks loose.

Without warning the young mother ducks to the right and tosses her baby towards gap-tooth. The startled man’s instincts override conscious thought; he reaches out to catch the small bundle, only for it to pass right through his outstretched hands. In it’s place he sees Fyn’s blade closing fast. It punches into his gut in the same instant as Cayleb’s crossbow bolt takes him between the shoulder blades. He stares down in astonishment at the bolt tip protruding from his chest, then starts to topples to one side.

Simultaneously Rufus, who has used the concealing powers of his elven cloak to sneak in close behind the bearded bandit chief, makes a short chopping strike at the fellow’s outstretched hand. The blow opens a line of red along his wrist but he manages to hang on to his handaxe.

There’s a bellow of “For the Light!” from the darkness to the south and Tomas closes fast, bringing his enormous axe down hard as a shard of brilliant light erupts from behind him. The bandit chief is just quick enough to avoid being eviscerated or blasted by Lisandra’s lightbeam, but he takes a resounding glancing blow from the axe nonetheless.

The bandits gather their wits and move to attack, but not before Fyn acts again. He brings the torch around in an arc of sparks, but the bandit captain chief sways back on his heels, neatly avoiding the blow. Fyn follows up with his sword, eliciting a howl of pain from the bearded man as both the rapier and another of Cayleb’s crossbow bolts strike home. The grinning rogue ducks back sharply, then dashes to his right to close with the fat bald thug closest to the exit.

Idril, still under the illusory disguise of the young mother,  rubs her hands together, and slick grease oozes up from between the flagstones at the feet of two of the thugs. Both struggle to keep their balance and fail, landing hard.

“Screw this!” snarls the bandit chief, and turns to make a run for it. As he does so both Rufus and Tomas see their opening; Rufus plunges his sword into the fellow’s thigh and Tomas finishes the job, his greataxe opening the bandit from shoulder to opposite hip.

The remaining bandits look on in horror: in a matter of seconds they have seen a member of their crew and their boss cut down by overwhelming force. “Drop your weapons and lie face down.” Lisandra calls out from the darkness. “Do it now or I cannot guarantee your safety.” Her answer is the clatter of falling weaponry as the bandits scramble to comply.


3 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 33”

  1. For the time being I’ll record the rolls I’m making here, but I may drop that if it starts to become burdensome. Early thoughts on Squire for attack rolls and KFC for combat tracking are positive.

    R: Idril Deception +0 vs Thug Wisdom +0: 10, 6. Tf disarmed.
    R: Fyn RH Rapier +5, adv vs AC 11: 9, 23: damage: 1d8 + 2d6= 13HP
    R: Cayleb: Hand crossbow +5, adv vs AC11 : 12, 13, damage: 3d6+3= 19HP
    Thug 4 dies
    R: Rufus: Disarming Strike +5, adv vs AC 15: 14, 25 (crit!), damage= 9HP (crap!)
    R: Bandit Captain Str +2 vs DC 13: 15: he is not disarmed.
    R: Tomas: Greataxe +5, adv vs AC 15: 12, 20, damage 13HP
    R: Bandit Captain Dex vs +3 vs DC 13: 21: avoids Sacred Flame
    R: Fyn: torch +2 vs AC 15: 12
    R: Fyn: Rapier +5 vs AC 15: 18, damage= 11HP
    R: Cayleb: Hand Crossbow +5, adv vs AC 15: 8, 21, damage 12
    R: Rufus: Longsword +5 vs AC 15: 9
    Q: Does the captain fight on? NO
    Q: Surrender? NO Looks like’s cutting and running, probably going for reinforcements. Sensible fellow.
    R: Rufus opportunity attack +5 vs AC 15: 15, 7HP
    R: Tomas opportunity attack +5 vs AC 15: 25 (crit!), 22HP. Maybe not so sensible…
    R: Morale check (DMG pg 273): Wis save DC 10 (DIS): 4, 5. The remaining bandits will either flee or surrender…
    R: Lisandra: Persuasion +5 vs Wis to have them surrender: 13 vs 6.

    Wow, well that couldn’t have gone much better for the party. Without Jeden’s suggestion the party would probably have ended up trying to take those 5 down from behind five hidden murder holes; that would have been WAY tougher. As it is no PC took any damage, the enemy were not able to raise the alarm and only a couple of 1st level spells were cast. I call that a win!

  2. Here’s my start and endstate maps. I’ve moved to Adobe Illustrator instead of Roll20. It’s probably my lack of skill with Roll20, but I find it quicker and easier to use Illustrator.

    Starting map

    Ending map

  3. Here’s the Kobold Fight Club Initiative tracker endstate:
    KFC combat tracker

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