The Devil’s Riddle: Session 34

In short order the thugs are trussed securely. Lisandra and Cayleb emerge from the shadows, to be greeted by a string of curses. “Cayleb! You filthy double-crossing filth!” snarls the fat, bald fellow.

“Good to see you too, Fat Rollo.” Cayleb replies, reloading his crossbow. “Skunk, Kurnak. I’d say it was a shame about Shivers and the boss, but we all know they were the lowest sort of scum. I’ve found me a better class of crew.”

Fyn approaches and claps Cayleb on his shoulder. “Great work, Cayleb! Your knowledge of this place was invaluable. And that one-two on the gap-toothed creep? Priceless.”

“Good work all round.” Lisandra nods, as the slender young mother morphs into the wrinkled, diminutive form of Idril. “We successfully drew them out from hiding and prevented them from sounding the alarm. Now Cayleb, you said you only know the camp as far as the barracks beyond this room. Perhaps one of these men will be able to provide us with a little more information.”

Rufus, who has been cleaning the blood from his blade, strides towards the kneeling, tied men. Tomas falls into step behind him. The blademaster studies each in turn, searching for signs of fear. He sees only angry defiance in the face of Fat Rollo and sullen resignation in that of Kurnak. But he stops at Skunk, a whippet-thin fellow with long, greasy black hair and a tattoo of a bird of prey covering one side of his neck. This one is sweating, barely able to stop himself from trembling with fear.

Rufus points at Skunk with his sword. “You. You will tell me…”

Words come spilling out of the skinny man before Rufus can complete his request. “Sure, I’ll tell you everything, just don’t hurt me, OK? I can help! The boss has a healing potion on his belt, and money too!” 

Fat Rollo splutters in outrage. “Skunk, you worm, shut yer mouth you…” Rufus’ sword moves in a blur and Fat Rollo stops dead, the blade touching lightly to his adam’s apple. Tomas leans down to search the dead bandit chief, and Rufus moves the blade slowly back to Skunk.

“There’s a room beyond this one where we rest. Out through the hidden doors and right, or you can go through the other hidden door.” Skunk nods at the eastern wall and upon closer inspection a section of wall resolves itself into a door. “No others there, this is all of us guards. We ain’t allowed nowhere else in the camp, off to the left up there. That’s just for the… others.”  He gulps, ignoring the look of ill-suppressed fury on Fat Rollo’s face.

“The Jesters. Their undead things. But there’s something else out there, something even worse. I don’t know what it is, but I overheard some of them talkin’, and they were scared of it! Those things, scared!” Having started talking Skunk doesn’t seem able to stop. “Have you seen those things? What could make something like that afeared? Oh Light, you’ve got to let us go! Please, just let us go, we…”

“Enough.” says Rufus, his blade an unwavering inch from the man’s tattooed throat. Skunk stops. Turning to Lisandra he raises an eyebrow.

The channeler sighs, but before she can speak Fat Rollo erupts. “Skunk, you snot-nosed coward, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you all…”

He gets no further. Rufus’ sword flashes once and the fat man’s head topples from his shoulders. The remaining bandits stare at the blademaster in horrified silence.

“Go. Leave this place and do not look back.” Lisandra says, her face hidden beneath her white hood. The bandits, hands still tied, scramble to their feet and oblige her, racing from the chamber as if all the hounds of hell were on their heels.   

2 Responses to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 34”

  1. Q: Do Cayleb and the bandits know each other YES
    Q: Does Cayleb know the camp beyond the next room? NO
    Q: Do any look particularly nervous? YES
    R: 1/3
    R: Rufus Intimidation +2 vs Wis +0 (Dis): 12 vs 8,19
    Q: Does Skunk have any useful information? YES
    Q: What does he know? The Answer involves An Uncertain Amount of Insight.
    Random Event: Something Positive happens to Tomas, involving a Delay of Death
    Q: Any more bandits in the barracks? NO
    Q: Has skunk been beyond the barracks? EXCEPTIONAL NO
    Q: Regarding traps? NO
    Q: Regarding types of foes? YES
    Q: An unknown foe? YES

  2. Rufus continues to be a badass, Lilandra a bleeding heart. No-one knows much about what lies in store, but clearly there’s something nasty up ahead…

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