The Devil’s Riddle: Session 36

“Damnation! My sword hilts are burning!” Fyn cries, wincing in pain as he tries to keep a grip on them. The intense heat from left hand blade is too much though he drops it, flapping his hand wildly to try and cool the burning sensation. The sickly smell of cooking meat fills his nostrils and turns his stomach.

Oblivious to his surroundings the adventurer jumps to entirely the wrong conclusion. “These damn things must be heating the metal somehow.” he growls, and stabs wildly at the closet russet-coloured creature. But the pain puts him off; he misses his target.

Cocking its head the creature gazes up at him with black unblinking eyes, then down at his fallen rapier. It scuttles forward with surprising speed, its feathery antennae brushing over the gleaming blade. A fine patina of rust spreads over the finely crafted weapon, and in an instant it collapses into a heap of fine oxidised rust-red dust. The rust monster digs in to its supper, purring contentedly. “No!” cries Fyn in disbelief. “It ate my rapier!”    

At the rear of the group Idril has seen the spell activate and knows better than her impetuous companion. “No creature is causing this, a spell was triggered when you passed through the archway, Mr Smallwood!” the tiny old woman calls out. “If we move out of the area of effect the magic may disperse.”

She shuffles back down the corridor, and her silver amulet immediately cools. “It works! Everyone back away down the corridor! Quickly!”

Cayleb doesn’t need telling twice. Pausing only to kick his dropped sword back down the corridor he beats a hasty retreat. Rufus hears the old woman’s words, but is conflicted; retreating will leave Fyn alone, and the others will need him ahead of them to cover their retreat…

All rational thought is interrupted by the searing heat as the metal he wears begins to glow a dull red. He drops his shield, and the pain from his scale mail armour is indescribable. Despite the pain the blademaster keeps a firm grip on his elegant curved sword; though smoke curls up from between his fingers he grits his teeth and clings on. “Back! Fall back!” he gasps, staggering back down the corridor. As he reaches the periphery of the spell’s area of effect the heat instantly dissipates. He sags with relief as the pain starts to subside, but his reprieve comes at a cost; another rust monster falls upon his discarded shield, and devours it.

The last rust monster, denied any fallen scraps, turns its attention on the sword-wielding Fyn. Antenna reach out, but Fyn is easily able to bring his blade out of reach. He gulps as three sets of beady eyes fix upon it.   

Lisandra gasps with pain and is unable to hold onto her shield. Her face whitens, but she steps forward so that she can see Fyn ahead and the others behind. Soft white light emanates from her as she lifts a hand, palm upraised, and calls out “Blessing of the Light be upon us!” Fyn, Rufus and the Channeler feel its touch like a cooling salve; burned and blackened flesh reknits, as good as new. Her job done she retreats hastily.

“Behind me!” comes a deep booming cry. The huge mountain Tomas man wears no metal armour, and the wooden haft of his greataxe keeps him safe from the dull red glow of the axe head. He tosses the weapon back to Rufus as he strides forward, calling out “Don’t strike them with metal! I know of these beasts; any metal touching them will corrode! Get back Fyn, quickly! I will cover your retreat!”


One Response to “The Devil’s Riddle: Session 36”

  1. My heat metal trap needs a bit of designing. The spell effect is much more powerful than the normal Heat Metal spell, given that it affects all metal in the area, not just a single target. So I’m going to reduce the damage it dishes out to a single d8, and change the DC so it’s 10 plus damage. I’m also going to see if there’s a way of switching the spell off:

    Q: Is there a way to turn off the spell effect? EXCEPTIONAL YES

    Interesting. I’m going to interpret that as an easily visible lever on the far wall (DC10 Perception). Makes sense; anyone entering from that way could switch off the trap, feed the rusties and pass through unscathed, and then the trap resets. The question, of course, is whether Fyn puts two and two together…

    Fyn Perception: Natural 1! Daft bugger.
    Fyn RH sword damage: 1
    Con save: 13: Fyn holds onto his right hand rapier.
    Fyn LH sword damage: 7
    Con save: 3: but drops the left one.
    RH Rapier hits AC 13: miss.
    Idril Arcana: 19
    Q: Does the spell end out of area? EXCEPTIONAL YES
    Q: was the sword special to Fyn? NO
    Rufus sword damage:3
    Con save: 16
    Rufus shield damage: 5
    Con save: 5
    Rufus armour damage: 7
    Fyn Dex save: 23
    Lisandra shield damage: 7
    Con save: 5
    Lisandra armour damage: 3
    Lisandra Prayer of Healing HP: 14
    Tomas: Nature check: 21

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